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Pro Mobile ‘Safe Driving’ Advice Available for Download
Following the tragic loss of Seb Knowles – a DJ, radio host and well-respected industry personality, also known as Sparky B – the issue of driving tired has been at the front of the mobile DJ industry’s collective mind, prompting a thought-provoking article in the recent issue of Pro Mobile.

After receiving a wakeup call of the worst kind, mobile DJs were addressed by DJ and regular Pro Mobile contributor Mark Walsh, whose article (Issue 72) looked at the dangers of driving tired and the importance of ensuring personal safety after working long hours.

The piece also explored the figures surrounding road accidents, pointing out a fifth of all major-road incidents are sleep-related and naming peak times as the early hours of the morning. These early-hours drives are what many mobile DJs undertake each weekend, putting them at greater risk.

While completely avoiding late night driving is near-impossible for the majority of DJs, Mark Walsh’s article also explored the steps that DJs can take to prevent fatigue, learning from the advice offered by the UK government and RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents).

So, what are these guidelines and what can mobile DJs do to ensure their own safety – and the safety of others – whilst driving home late at night, or in the early hours, following an evening gig or all-day event?

Well, to accompany Mark Walsh’s article in Pro Mobile Issue 72, we’ve made available a PDF featuring tips for avoiding driving tired and the best action to take if fatigue does start to kick in.

You can download your copy of the ‘Drive Safe, Not Tired’ guidelines here: Download PDF

The guidelines – which are in keeping with RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) – can be printed off and either kept in your vehicle or stored away in your gig-bag for easy reference.

Extra details on the dangers of driving tired can be found on the and RoSPA websites.
Published: 29 July 2015