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Pro Mobile Needs You! Get Involved Now...
Not only does Pro Mobile deliver relevant and thought-provoking content for its readers, but also content by its readers! There are a number of ways for Pro Mobile enthusiasts to get involved with the magazine and broadcast their opinions and knowledge to the rest of the industry. And we don’t just mean via the letters in the Inbox!

The Pro Mobile team is always looking for new content in the form of articles and reviews, as well as for regular features like Gear Junkies and the Profile focus piece. So, whether you want to voice your opinion on current issues surrounding the industry, or you’ve been using a piece of new gear that’s changed the way you work, you can help us keep our content relevant and exciting.

Each issue, one mobile DJ or entertainer becomes the focus of our regular Profile feature. Written as a first-hand account by the DJ themselves, Profile looks at their career and life so far, detailing the ups, down and many learning curves that inevitably come with a career in mobile entertainment. So, if you think your story is one worth telling (and we’re sure it is!) then get in touch.

Another regular feature, called Gear Junkies, gives you the chance to show off your DJ rig to the world! Gear Junkies works on a submission basis; just send in the best photos of your rig and, if you’re successful, an image of your setup will be published in the next issue of the magazine.

Of course, the crux of Pro Mobile Magazine consists of articles and reviews. If you have a good idea for an article or want to get involved in reviewing equipment – get in touch! It’s the perfect opportunity to get your voice heard surround current industry issues and a great chance to let your fellow DJs know what you think of the latest lighting effects, speakers, controllers, stands, and other equipment.

If you’d like to be involved with Pro Mobile Magazine, get in touch with Eddie Short (editor) via email:

For Gear Junkies submissions please send photos to:

For a taste of the kind of content we publish, samples from the latest issue can be viewed online via the link below.
Published: 25 May 2015