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SEDA Unveils User-Friendly New Website
The South Eastern Discotheque Association (SEDA) has now launched its freshly designed website, providing members with a range of new features and a more user-friendly service. The new site, which was unveiled on Wednesday (14th of October), is also mobile-compatible, ensuring access for DJs on the move.

SEDA’s new website has arrived following months of development and feedback, during which time members put forward their suggestions for improvements. The new site sees the association taking this feedback on board: the need for two logins for two websites has been eradicated, the out of date information is gone and the issue of directory profiles disappearing following editing has been solved.

The sleek new website also includes a fully integrated membership system, directory and events calendar, while the separate SEDA and Find-A-DJ systems are being combined and stripped back to form one user-friendly SEDA site.

“It’s been four years now since the website was last overhauled and we felt that it desperately needed updating,” explained Ian Forest, SEDA Chairman and Webmaster. “With this latest release it’s the best place to go when you want to catch up with what SEDA are up to and with it now being mobile friendly too you can keep up to date wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.”

Ian added, “We’ve successfully put to bed one of the biggest gripes our Members had about the old website and have not only integrated our membership system with this new release but we’ve also included a fully searchable, Google-friendly directory and an events ticketing system. In the next few days you’ll also have the ability to buy items such as inflatable party packs and t-shirts, etc. directly on the website! This is a major step forward for us and has taken our online presence to the next level.”

On the website’s directory, DJs can add short and extended profiles and upload photos to an on-line gallery, as well as link to social media channels. Further improvements mean that the directory itself can be searched by name, post code or service type, making it easier for potential customers to use and ensuring that mobile DJs’ listings are not limited by geographical location.

When it comes to accessing the site, members have one set of login details, giving them access to all of their membership information, which can be easily updated at any time. New members can now sign up and pay online using their credit or debit card. Existing members will have been automatically set up for online billing but can continue to pay by a range of other methods if they choose.

The new SEDA website is now live.
Published: 17 October 2015