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REVolutionary Control : Meet the DDJ - REV5
REVolutionary Control: Meet the DDJ-REV5, a new-generation controller offering an authentic scratch experience and innovative features
• Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox compatibility
• Large jog wheels and MAGVEL FADER
• Dedicated Stems control, Auto BPM Transition, and Piano Play

AlphaTheta Corporation announces the release of the DDJ-REV5 scratch-style controller from its Pioneer DJ brand. This 2-channel, Serato DJ Pro (coming this autumn) and rekordbox compatible unit offers an authentic scratch experience and a variety of innovative features to enable more creative open-format DJ performances.

The DDJ-REV5 is equipped with large jog wheels for intricate and precise scratching when used with the robust and slick MAGVEL FADER. Also, the long tempo sliders on the DDJ-REV5 run horizontally above the deck sections while the Performance Pads and Lever FX are placed in the mixer section emulating the setups loved by open-format DJs around the world.

It also comes with unique Stems control buttons for live mashups and remixes so you can individually play or mute different parts of any track, for example the drums or vocals.

To help you get more creative, the DDJ-REV5 features the first-ever Auto BPM Transition for seamless track mixing over a shift in BPM. This brand-new feature smoothly adjusts the tempo of a track over a specified number of beats so you’re totally free when choosing songs and never bound by BPM ranges.

And the new Piano Play offers an immersive musical experience where you can trigger a cue point in different semitones, with the changes in pitch arranged on the 16 Performance Pads to recreate the layout of a piano’s keyboard.

The DDJ-REV5 is compatible with Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox. To start DJing, simply connect the controller to a PC/Mac running your chosen application.


Product category : Scratch-style 2-channel performance DJ controller
Model number : DDJ-REV5
SRP : €1,099 including VAT / $1,099 excluding tax / £939,00 including VAT
In-store date : Out now


Large jog wheels and MAGVEL FADER for dynamic scratching
Scratch, battle, and perform intuitively on the DDJ-REV5, which blends an authentic scratch experience with innovative features. The large jog wheels are responsive, reliable, and easy to operate – with a feel just like those on classic CDJ units – and they each include a display with playhead position so you’ll always know where you are in the track. You can also customise the Jog Feel to find your perfect jog wheel “weight”. The MAGVEL FADER is slick, robust, and ready to translate every tiny movement you make so you can scratch with precision.

Scratch-style layout for open-format freedom
The long tempo sliders on the DDJ-REV5 run horizontally above the deck sections while the Performance Pads and Lever FX are placed in the mixer section for dynamic performances, emulating the PLX Series deck + DJM-S Series mixer setups loved by open-format DJs around the world. Thanks to the proximity of the pads, levers, and faders, you can fuse scratching with pad play and effects.

Dedicated buttons for easy Stems control
Let your creativity run wild and make live mashups and remixes using the Stems buttons on the DDJ-REV5. Your tracks will be split into different Stems within the software – vocals, melody, bass, and drums in Serato DJ Pro; or vocal, drums, and inst (other instruments including bass and synths) in rekordbox – which you can play separately.

Stems Mute/Solo
Solo or mute the different Stems to create your own mashups on the fly. For example, you could play the instruments from a track on deck 1, then play the vocals from another track on deck 2 to make a mashup.

Stems Separate
Isolate different Stems of a track on separate decks to make live remixes. You might play the instruments from a track on deck 1 while scratching its vocals on deck 2. Or you might choose a Stem to isolate so you can add an effect to only that part.

Stems Level
Use the EQ knobs to adjust the volume for separate Stems of a track.

You can use the different Stems in combination with Deck Move, which allows easy movement of tracks between decks, and Dual Deck, which enables you to simultaneously operate the 2 left or right decks together. This makes it easy to make and control multiple live mashups and remixes at once.

New Auto BPM Transition for smooth mixing
Mixing between musical genres with vastly different tempos is easy on the DDJ-REV5, thanks to the new Auto BPM Transition feature. Choose a number of bars for the transition and, when you press the dedicated button, the track that’s playing will gradually change tempo to match the track loaded to the other deck so you can mix or drop in the new track at the perfect moment. Because the incoming track’s BPM matches that of the previous one, the transition will be seamless. You can also set Stems, Auto Loop, and Key Lock control to be applied during the transition. These automatic processes free up your hands to use other controls, as you don’t need to adjust the tempo slider manually.

New Piano Play mode for intuitive musical performances
You’ll find it more natural than ever to express yourself musically on the DDJ-REV5 thanks to the new Piano Play mode. Just like Pitch Play, you can use the 16 Performance Pads to trigger a cue point in different semitones, but now the changes in pitch are arranged so the pads form a keyboard with the “white” keys on the bottom row and the “black” ones at the top, as if you’re playing a piano. There are 3 scales to choose from, and even if you have no knowledge of musical theory or scales you’ll find it easy to play a tune with the improved arrangement of the tones.

Multiple inputs and outputs plus 2 USB Type-C ports for smooth DJ transitions
You can use the DDJ-REV5 as the center of a larger setup thanks to its wide variety of inputs and outputs, including an XLR master out that’s perfect for use in professional environments. There are 2 USB Type-C ports for PC/Mac too, making it easy to swap between DJs with a simple flick of a switch on the controller.

Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox plug-and-play compatibility
Choose your favorite software and start DJing right away. You can simply plug the DDJ-REV5 into a PC/Mac running the latest version of Serato DJ Pro (coming this autumn) and rekordbox to use either application for free – you don’t need a license key or subscription. A voucher for the Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ expansion pack is also included.

Analog-style design traits blended with advanced digital elements
While paying tribute to open-format DJing and scratch culture, the unique design of the DDJ-REV5 opens the door to new creativity. The texture of the top panel on each jog wheel feels like a vinyl record to give an authentic feel when you’re scratching and the fader section is protected by a tough metal panel that can withstand intense scratch performances. The dedicated buttons for controlling Stems are line-shaped to visually represent how a track is made of 4 elements. Even the shape of the DDJ-REV5 is new, with angled corners that nod to the fresh possibilities the controller offers.


Combo Pad Mode
Press 2 different Pad mode buttons simultaneously and you can use both modes at the same time. The different functions will be split between the pads on that deck (1 mode assigned to the bottom 4 pads, the other assigned to the top 4) and you can choose from the Hot Cue,Roll, Saved Loop, and Sampler modes.
Published: 07 August 2023
Photo Booth Expo London
13 / 10 / 2024 - 14 / 10 / 2024


£5.00 (INC P&P)