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Powerwerks USA launch 5 new powered Bluetooth® sound reinforcement systems.
Powerwerks release new range of speakers available via JHS in the UK

Powerwerks System One Powered Column Array System w/Bluetooth®

The underlying theme within all Powerwerks comprehensive range of high-quality sound reinforcement products, has always been, the perfect balance between power, versatility, performance, portability and price.

New lines available in the UK, France, Germany & Benelux, distributed by JHS include, the Powerwerks PWRS1 System One Powered Column Array System, featuring the company’s own innovative ‘clip-into-place’ connection system, where the line array column and spacer attach to the subwoofer in seconds, for a quick and easy set up and break down.

With a powerful Class D amplifier delivering 1050w peak/350w rms through a 10" subwoofer and the line array column loaded with 8” x 3" high frequency, neodymium compression drivers, the Powerwerks System One is a convenient all-in-one, self-contained package.

Recessed into the subwoofer enclosure for protection, the control panel features three independent channels, two with individual Volume, Bass, Treble, Reverb Line/Mic input select, and an Auxiliary Channel with separate Volume Control and Master Sub & Volume controls.

With additional features that also include 4 DSP preset modes, push button Bluetooth® Pairing and a True Stereo Link to add a second system, the Powerwerks System One with its size-defying output and performance, is the ideal choice for small to medium venues.

Powerwerks Power Array 2

The Powerwerks Power Line Array 2 is again, a fine example of the company’s excellent powered speaker cabinet systems in terms of size, weight and cost.
As an alternative to Powerwerks’ traditional point-source speakers, this compact Line array delivers 2000w peak/660w rms of class D power via 2” x 4" midrange drivers and 2” x 1" high frequency compression drivers accompanied by a single compact 12” subwoofer.

Additional features include four modes of onboard DSP EQ presets, an adjustable subwoofer volume for control of the overall output mix and an XLR thru allowing additional powered systems, or another Powerwerks Bluetooth® Power Array 2 for even more expandability and true stereo capabilities.

This sound system also includes three independent audio inputs, two XLR /1/4in combo jacks for Mic/Line Level Source and Bluetooth® audio streaming.
Designed for greater focus, increased sound dispersion and frequency response, the Powerwerks Power Array 2 system is one of the most versatile ‘take it anywhere’ line array systems on the market.

Powerwerks P3 Portable Active Column Bluetooth® PA

Sonic flexibility is also a specialty of the Powerwerks P3 where again, the theme is compatibility and extreme portability.
This simple to operate all-in-one 3 Channel 120w peak/60w rms Active Column Speaker, with its slim design delivers solid lows, a rich, detailed midrange and high-end clarity via 3” x 6.5" woofers and a single high frequency compression driver. Essential rotary controls include Bass and Treble, Master Level, Media Level and Input controls.

This lightweight unit features an LCD display, SD card slot and USB port for powering up to six audio inputs including Bluetooth® audio streaming.
For extended sound enhancement, additional subs and speakers can be added via the line output jack, or with another Powerwerks Bluetooth® P3 system for even more expandability.

With a small footprint and standard speaker pole mount for quick and easy setup and breakdown times, the Powerwerks P3 Active Column Speaker with an impressive long-throw performance, is an excellent option for home audio, singer songwriters on the move, streamed music at weddings, parties and social events.

Powerwerks PWR10 and PWR12 Active Bluetooth® Speakers

Available with a 10in or 12in low frequency driver and one high frequency compression driver, the new Powerwerks PWR10 and PWR12 high performance active speakers, deliver a hefty 600w peak/200w rms and 1050w peak/350w rms respectively. For even more expandability, both models can connect to additional powered systems via XLR thru connections or another Powerwerks PWR series Bluetooth® speaker.

Featuring four DSP EQ preset modes and up to three channels of audio input including Bluetooth® audio streaming, the Powerwerks PW10 and PWR12 Active Bluetooth® Speakers will satisfy all your performance needs.
Published: 21 March 2022
BPM 2022
15 / 10 / 2022 - 16 / 10 / 2022
BPM 2022 AfterParty
15 / 10 / 2022


£25.00 (INC P&P)