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Alan Berg releases DJ Edition of his best selling book plus discounted webinars!
It all starts with a sale. Whether you love it or hate it, making sales drives your venue or catering business. You don’t get to use your creative skills for cooking, decorating, planning and organising weddings and events, until you make the sale.

If you’ve been selling for a long time, this book will be a good refresher. If you’re new to selling, this book will give you the tools, and the confidence, to make more sales. I’ll show you how to ask better questions, really listen to the answers, and help your customers buy.Using real examples and stories, of people just like you, I’ll guide you to find you own, unique selling style. When your customers can see and understand why they should buy from you, and only you, they have to pay your price. You’ve taken an important first step towards making more sales.

Author’s note: This special edition of Shut Up and Sell More Weddings & Events is for DJs, Entertainers, Lighting and Photo Booth Companies. If you’ve already read the original edition, most of this is going to be the same for you. I’ve updated and changed the references to be specifically applicable to caterers and venues. It will certainly be a good refresher for you, I just want to be transparent. If you’ve not read the original book, this will be all new to you!

If you want to order a copy of the new book with free shipping then head over to and use the discount code ‘promobile’ to get FREE SHIPPING on anything in Alan’s online shop including the new Disc Jockey edition of Shut Up and Sell More Weddings & Events!
*Discount Code expires in 48 hours (COB on 12th August 2020)

Alan is also running two webinars which have discounts applied for Pro Mobile readers and subscribers - you can find details of them below.
20th August Lead Conversion Workshop, Link to Register and get 20% off:

24th August Website Group Review Session, Link to Register and get 20% off:
Published: 10 August 2020