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Vibrant Value: Eliminator Lightings New Stryker Wash Moving Head Has It All
Eliminator Lighting is pleased to announce the expansion of its range of entertainment lighting fixtures with the release of the new Stryker Wash. Packing in 19 potent quad color LEDs, this versatile fixture incorporates a motorized zoom function that allows for both wide color washes and narrow beams to be generated.

Powerful, yet portable, the Stryker Wash is ideal for use by mobile entertainers and event productions companies as well as for permanent installation in all kinds of performance venues.

The face of the Stryker Wash is covered by 19 x 12-Watt RGBW color mixing LEDs, arranged in three concentric circles, which are protected by a textured front lens. Through independent dimming control of the red, green, blue and white LED chips, a huge gamut of colors can be mixed, ranging from rich saturates to subtle pastels. The fixture also allows variable speed strobing of up to 18 flashes per second in any color.

Independent RGBW color mixing control is also supplied for each individual ring of LEDs, allowing for the creation of animated multicolored effects on the face of the fixture. The unit also offers both static and animated ring macros, which aid with quick and easy programming. In addition, a dedicated Color Temperature DMX channel, with a range of 3200K to 10,000K, makes it easy to select the right temperature of white light for any application.

A beam angle of between 6 and 50 degrees can be achieved using the Stryker Washs quick and smooth motorized zoom function. It allows the same fixture to create tight beams for aerial effects as well as wider washes for illuminating performers, dcor or a dancefloor. The fixtures moving yoke covers 540-degrees of pan and 210-degrees of tilt, while its precision 16-bit stepper motors allow for both quick and energetic, as well as slow and smooth, movement.

A choice of two DMX control modes (13-channel or 23-channel) allows users the flexibility to choose between conserving channels or having fine motor control for movement and zone control for the LEDs. In addition to responding to DMX, the fixture can also be set to run automatically using a choice of eight pre-programmed lightshows, either at a set speed or triggered by an internal microphone. Two or more Stryker Wash units can then be connected with DMX cables and set to run any of the internal programs in Primary/Secondary mode, where one or more Secondary fixtures mimic the movements and output on a designated Primary unit. This allows for a simple to setup, but effective, multi-fixture synchronized lightshow. Finally, the fixture also offers a Manual mode, which allows a static look to be creating by manually setting values for each of the units control parameters.

A large color LCD display, located on the front of the fixture, allows for easy mode selection and DMX addressing as well as configuration of the units various customizable operating parameters. This is facilitated via four push buttons, which allow navigation of a menu-driven interface that is both simple and intuitive. On the rear of the fixture are 3-pin DMX input and output sockets as well as locking power input and output sockets, which can be used to daisy chain the power supply for multiple fixtures from a single outlet.

Considering its output and feature set, the Stryker Wash is a compact and lightweight fixture. It measures 7.41 x 12.8 x 15.6 / 188mm x 325mm x 396mm (LxWxH) and weighs 21.4 lbs. / 9.7 kg. The base is fitted with large rubber feet, meaning that the fixture can be placed directly on a stage or riser, and it is supplied with an Omega bracket that can be used to attach a hanging clamp for rigging.

The Stryker Wash is part of a new series of professional moving head luminaires from Eliminator Lighting, which also includes the Stryker Beam. Powered by an efficient 100W LED light engine, this dedicated beam moving head is designed to create dazzling aerial effects. A fast and punchy fixture, it offers a full complement of beam-shaping tools, allowing it to be used to generate a wide variety of engaging looks.

Together with the Stryker Beam, the Stryker Wash represents a significant step forward for the Eliminator Lighting range, explains Albert Paredes, Product Manager for Eliminator Lighting. These reliable and robust fixtures offer professional caliber output and features at an exceptionally affordable price point. Combining powerful color mixing LEDs with a significant zoom range, the Stryker Wash allows lighting designers to choose from a huge selection of colors and generate everything from a piercing beam to a broad wash. We expect it to prove popular with event production companies and mobile entertainers as well as integrators supplying lighting to nightclubs and bars, small theaters and concert venues, houses of worship, entertainment centers and any venue looking for a powerful and versatile automated wash luminaire.

The Eliminator Lighting Stryker Wash is available now from ADJ USA and is due to begin shipping from ADJ Europe in August.
Published: 11 May 2023
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