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ADJ Releases Battery Powered PinPoint GO Series!
ADJ has released a new series of compact, battery-operated pinspotting solutions. Thanks to their tight beam angles and the freedom offered by battery power, the PinPoint GO Series of all-white, tri-white and quad-colour fixtures are ideal for DJs that want to incorporate effective pinspotting into their mobile rig.

The primary fixture in ADJ's new series is the PinPoint GO, which uses a 3W cool-white LED source and a tight 5° beam angle to produce defined beams of white light that can be used by mobile DJs to pinspot tables, venue decor, and event features such as first dances, cake cuttings and speeches. The PinPoint GO is also battery powered, so users can avoid the limitations of power cables and position the unit wherever they need to. This flexibility in positioning is furthered by the PinPoint GO's magnetic and X-CLIP brackets, which make it easier for mobile DJs to attach the light to metal surfaces, drop ceiling frames, trussing or tripods.

With a battery life of approximately seven hours (or 21 hours in energy-saving mode), the PinPoint GO can be used for extensive periods of time, making it ideal for DJs working all-day events such as weddings, while the fixture can be fully recharged in under five hours. In terms of control, users can select from various options using the mode button on the rear of the fixture or, alternatively, from the separately sold ADJ LED RC3 IR wireless remote.

While offering the same compact design as the PinPoint GO, the PinPoint GO TW utilises a 20° beam angle and 5W tri-white LEDs, allowing users to create pinspot lighting in cool white, warm white and amber hues. This means mobile DJs can tailor the colour of their lighting to suit the event they are working or the request of a client, while amber and warm-white hues are particularly well-suited to weddings.

Much like the other products in the new series, the PinPoint GO TW is equipped with a rechargeable battery, so users can deliver pinspotting from previously hard-to-reach positions and run the fixture for approximately four hours on full power. Mobile DJs can select from various control options using the mode button on the rear of the PinPoint GO TW or using the separately sold ADJ LED RC3 IR.

Completing the new range, the PinPoint GO Color is a quad-colour version that features a single 5W (RGBA) LED source and utilises a 20° beam angle, allowing users produce similar effects to its sister models but in a range of smoothly mixed colours. Just like the PinPoint GO TW, the fixture is battery operated, rechargeable and will run full-on for over four hours. Control options for the PinPoint Go Color can be selected using the mode button on the rear of the fixture or using the separately sold ADJ LED RC2 IR wireless remote. All three models in the new PinPoint GO series come with a frost filter included, allowing for effective diffusion applications.

"Pin-spotting is an essential element of event lighting for many of our customers and we wanted to build on the previous success of products like the Pinspot LED Quad and Pinspot LED BP, with a versatile new series," said Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. "Our new PinPoint GO series offers users a range of compact pinspot solutions, varying from all-white to tri-white to quad-colour. Not only this, but we've made the units battery operated and ensured a fast charge-up time, allowing users to deliver effective pin-spotting from every angle for sustained periods."

Ideal for mobile DJs thanks to their compact design and low weight (0.4kg), the PinPoint GO, PinPoint GO TW and PinPoint GO Color enable pinspotting in a range of colours without taking up valuable space in the van. For added convenience, the PinPoint GO model is also available as part of a portable pack - the PinPoint GO Pak - which includes four units, an ADJ UC3 wireless remote and an ADJ Carrying Case. This all-in-one package is particularly well-suited to mobile DJs that want to incorporate multiple pinspot solutions into their portable lightshow and store them safely and securely during transit.

The ADJ PinPoint GO, PinPoint GO TW, PinPoint GO Color and PinPoint GO Pak are available now at an SSP of £49.00, £55.00, £55.00 and £199.00, respectively.
Published: 26 May 2015
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