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New Digital Platform Singa Seeks To Revolutionise Karaoke
Helsinki-based entertainment software company Singa is hoping to revolutionise karaoke with its new digital system that combines an automatically-updated and continually-growing database of 30,000+ songs with slick presentation tools. Having spent the last few years developing its product, the company now has its sights set firmly on the UK market.

Singa’s founder, Atte Hujanen, spent 10 years in and around the karaoke industry and the Nordic start-up scene and outlines the founding principles of the business, “we realised that, while all other content industries had gone through their ‘Spotify moment’ – a radical shift to digital platforms and user centric, modern products – karaoke was still stuck in the ‘90s, with no foreseeable change in sight. Something had to be done.”

To achieve this, Atte’s company created a product designed to reinvigorate karaoke targeted at consumers as well as commercial karaoke hosts/venues. Singa currently comes in two versions: Singa Pro is aimed at mobile DJs, karaoke hosts, bars, restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venues, and offers a full professional package described as a modern, fully digital, commercial turn-key karaoke solution in a single intuitive package. For consumers, Singa offers native iOS, Android, Web, Apple TV & SmartTV apps, which provide easy access to over 30,000 fully licensed karaoke songs and what it describes as an immersive singing experience.

In a relatively short space of time, Singa has surpassed fifty thousand downloads in the UK and over five hundred thousand globally. The company is now working to specifically target mobile DJs and karaoke hosts in the UK to highlight the benefits of its professional solution through a commercial partnership with UK-based retailer Westend DJ.

“Westend DJ have invested significantly in Singa,” states Gavin James, Sales & Marketing Director at Westend DJ. “Karaoke uptake has been slowly declining through a lack of innovation. I’ve had many solutions pitched to me over the years and there’s nothing like Singa on the market to date. Our DJ community need to know about this product and they will soon, we’ll be presenting it at the upcoming NADJ (National Association of Disc Jockeys) events and furthering Singa’s reach in the UK through our stores”.

As part of an exclusive retail deal, Westend DJ will sell Singa’s Professional solution from their Westend DJ stores and online sites, and Singa Pro, with an SRP of £2,399.99 will include a 12 month license for Singa’s ‘plug & play’ karaoke system with smart song queue management, access to over 30,000 songs (updated automatically), and all conveniently pre-installed and delivered on an Apple iPad – no computer required.

Accelerating Singa’s visibility further, Shure (UK), have reached a deal to allow Singa to supply PGA48 microphones exclusively to its direct customer base of bars, clubs and hotel groups within the UK. Harry Law, Marketing at Shure, comments, “The PGA 48 is a fantastic vocal microphone and versatile enough for pretty much every vocal application. When consumers experience the future of Karaoke, we want them to have a Shure microphone in their hand!”

A unique feature of Singa is the way that its consumer app and professional system integrates, as Risto Makelainen, CCO at Singa, explains, “with over 50,000 UK consumers having the app installed on their mobile devices, they can search for their nearest Singa Pro venue with ease. This is great news for singers and music-lovers who are looking for a night out, they can search for their nearest Singa Pro venue and queue their song choice remotely. Those in the venue also no longer need to leave their seat, by simply requesting a song after downloading the App. The DJ is in control of the whole process, deciding how much (or little) their audience gets to interact with the evenings’ entertainment.”.

Singa Pro can be purchased now from Westend DJ online and is available for demo in its London showroom.
Published: 19 September 2018
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