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ADJ Launches Improved Version Of AV6 LED Video Panel
Following the success of the original AV6 LED video panel, ADJ has launched a new and improved model, the AV6X. The new version retains the affordable price and high resolution quality of the original, but also offers improved colour consistency and higher contrast.

By introducing the original AV6 last year, ADJ disrupted the Audio/Visual world. While offering impressive brightness, excellent image quality and a robust build, the AV6 also boasted an unprecedented price, which meant that large-scale LED screens became affordable for a whole range of applications where previously they would have been over budget, including large mobile DJ roadshows.

The new and improved AV6X is now poised to continue ADJ’s success in the world of LED video. Darker black masking means that the new version offers improved contrast, while the use of higher quality LEDs makes for better colour consistency. This, combined with the same 6.0mm (0.25”) pitch, 1200 NITs brightness and affordable price of the original, makes for a truly exceptional modular LED video screen panel.

Utilizing 3-in-1 RGB SMD2121 LEDs, each panel has a pixel density of 96 x 96, which is equivalent to 27,777 per square metre and equates to a recommended minimum viewing distance of 20ft (6m). Each panel is divided down into four modular sub-panels to allow for easy serviceability, which means that in the unlikely event that a pixel fault should occur only one of the four modules needs to be replaced and returned for repair, instead of the whole panel.

Any number of AV6X panels can easily be linked together to create continuous video display configurations of any size and shape. Quick-locking connectors on the top edge and left side of each panel easily secure to the matching holes on the bottom and right side of adjacent panels, allowing multiple AV6Xs to be joined together with ease. The separately-sold AV6RB1 Rigging Bar can then be easily connected to the top row of panels on a screen to allow it to hang from truss or a goalpost stand.

“There’s no doubt that the AV6 is one of ADJ’s standout products from the past couple of years,” said Alfred Gonzales, ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager. “However, at ADJ, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products – even our best sellers – which is why we’re pleased to be able to introduce the AV6X. This new version offers improved image quality while retaining the same low price as its predecessor, which is sure to be a recipe for continued success.”

Each unit is fitted with a PowerCon input and output socket allowing the power supply for multiple panels to be linked together. Locking EtherCon input and output sockets are also provided for each panel, allowing the signal data to also daisy-chain across each panel that makes up a larger screen. The MCTRL-300 and VX4S Novastar Video Processors, sold separately, then allow a standard video input signal (DVI) to be scaled across any configuration of AV6X panels (up to 140) and transmitted to them via Ethernet.

Measuring 576mm x 576mm x 75mm and weighing 8.15Kg, the AV6X is ideal for mobile use. A dedicated road case – the AV6FC – is already available as part of the ADJ range, which is ideal for storing and transporting AV6X systems. The heavy-duty case is constructed from 9mm plywood and is fitted with steel ball corners along with locking swivel castors, making it ready to withstand the rigors of the road. Inside, the case is divided up into eight sections, each lined with foam and designed specifically to accommodate an AV6X (or AV6) panel.

With a fantastic combination of high image quality, easy portability and incredible price, the AV6X is the ideal entry into LED video screens.
Published: 07 October 2016
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15 / 10 / 2022


£25.00 (INC P&P)