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Reloop Launches Beatpad 2 Controller
Following on from where the BeatPad left off, Reloop has announced the release of its BeatPad 2 controller, which allows DJs to mix with any device, whether laptop, tablet or smartphone. For mobile DJs, this means a professional cross-platform controller that utilises Algoriddims DJAY 2 mixing software and lets them do more with their mixing.

The new controller is based on the original BeatPad concept, which offered DJs an affordable but professional solution for mixing on devices like tablets and smart-phones. BeatPad 2 offers seamless integration and works across all platforms, whether the user is running DJAY 2 on iOS or Android, or DJAY PRO on Mac. To ensure this flexibility is accessible to all users, Reloop has included USB, Apple Lightning and Android OTG cables in the box. The controller is also compatible with Virtual DJ and Traktor.

The BeatPad 2 controller also boasts colour-coded hot cue and sampler modes, allowing mobile DJs to easily set up to eight cue points and six samples per deck, while the colours match the software for ease of use. These hot cues which are useful for pre-set jingles or quick song snippets can then be triggered from the BeatPad 2s control surface. Thanks to a flexible EQ pre-set switch on the controllers rear, mobile DJs can also adjust the settings for each channel, choosing between low or high-pass filter and a 3-band EQ, depending on their needs.

The controller features a new advanced track management system, which allows track preview within the browser function without the need to load a track, while the queue list offers a virtual waiting to play queue where DJs can drop tracks on the fly. Users can also easily switch between built-in and Spotify libraries, the latter of which gives them access to current charts and personal playlists thanks to new Spotify integration. Further developments let users edit beat grids straight from the hardware, while the start point can be reset via the jog wheel if the beat does not accurately match.

Reloop has also equipped the BeatPad 2 with a number of features that will help mobile DJs get more creative with their mixing. Slicer, loop, sampler and multi-effect control are all new remixing features enabled by the controllers new multi-sensory pad mode. Meanwhile, the Touch FX and Jog FX modes allow users to make the most of the effects section found in DJAY 2. Touch FX offers eight different pre-sets, the intensity of which can be controlled by the pressure applied to the performance pads. While Jog FX allows two effects to be modulated via the jog wheel, so effect parameters and dry/wet levels can be adjusted accurately. Harmonic mixing is also made easier thanks to a key lock tool, which lets users keep the pitch of a track the same when they change the tempo, and the key match feature, which automatically adjusts the key to match the current track.

Reloop has also fitted the BeatPad 2 with two headphone connections, two master outputs (XLR and RCA) and an aux input for iPod, CD player or turntable, giving mobile DJs the flexibility to work across multiple platforms if required.

The BeatPad 2 from Reloop will be available from June 2015 at an SSP of 359.
Published: 17 April 2015
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