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The Nation’s Favourite Sounds Revealed
High street hearing specialist Hidden Hearing have conducted a survey into which sounds are most pleasurable to our ears and the impact they have on mood.

The results reveal that ‘waves crashing on a beach’ is the most loved sound, with nearly two thirds of voters choosing this as their favourite. This was followed closely by ‘birds singing’, ‘walking in the snow’ ‘raindrops falling on a window’ and ‘children laughing’. Further research concluded that these sounds have an impact on our wellbeing, with 45% of people stating their favourite sound ‘brought back good memories’ and over a third added that it also made them feel relaxed, happier and uplifted.

The poll also discovered the sounds that we dislike the most, ‘doors slamming’ topped the list as the worst offender. ‘Teeth grinding’ ‘knuckle cracking’ ‘loud car music’ and ‘partner snoring’ also made the list.

The Nation's Top 10 Most Loved Sounds Are Revealed To Be:

1. Waves crashing on a beach

2. Birds singing

3. Walking on snow

4. Raindrops falling on a window/roof/tree

5. Children laughing

6. Cats purring

7. Church bells ringing

8. Bacon sizzling

9. Thunder/lightening

10. Bumble bees buzzing

UK's most hated sounds:

1. Door slamming

2. Teeth grinding

3. Knuckle cracking

4. Loud car music

5. Partner snoring

6. Dentist cleaning plaque

7. Sudden braking (from a car or train)

8. Teeth on cutlery

9. Someone crying

10. Rush hour traffic, cars beeping

Published: 03 October 2013