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Hercules Launch DJ 4Set
The latest edition to the Hercules range of hardware mixing controllers for DJ software is the ‘DJ 4Set’. Combining the functions and feel of a pro controller with the simplicity required by beginners, this new piece of kit is a cost effective introduction to the world of digital DJing.

Featuring a slim and compact design (35x25cm), the Hercules DJ 4Set is truly mobile but also large enough for comfortable mixing, with lots of space between the controls. The control surface features two large (12cm) touch-sensitive jog wheels. At the base of each wheel is a highly distinctive "ring" – the signature of the new Hercules mixing solutions – which features a super-ergonomic design, providing users with intuitive and simple pitch control. The Hercules DJ 4Set also includes green or red backlighting on its jog wheels and buttons, making the controls easier to locate and providing enhanced usability.

As well as providing MIDI control of DJ software, the DJ 4Set also features a four channel USB sound card – providing a stereo main mix (via RCA phono sockets on the rear panel) and also a stereo headphone monitor mix (via a 1/4” jack socket on the front panel). There’s also a microphone input (via 1/4” jack) complete with talk-over function.

Despite its entry level price point, the DJ 4Set lets users mix not only on 2 decks, but on 4 virtual decks as well, thanks to the very practical deck indicators on the console's mixing surface (A, B, C, D). To let users employ their creativity to the fullest, the Hercules DJ 4Set offers 60 controls in 2-deck mode, and 112 controls in 4-deck mode. The layout of controls has been optimized to make using the console quick and easy to learn. All controls are MIDI-based, and therefore independent of one another, for even greater ease of use.

Hercules DJ 4Set is bundled with VirtualDJ® LE DJC Edition (supporting 4-deck mixing). It is also compatible with all other 2 and 4-deck MIDI mixing software.

Published: 04 May 2011