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The Prolight Concepts Group has expanded its Equinox range of affordable professional lighting fixtures with the introduction of a brand new moving head beam fixture. Powered by a 30W white light LED and offering a super sharp 2-degree beam angle, the new Equinox Triton Beam is designed to create piercing mid-air effects in a haze-filled environment.
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The Prolight Concepts Group’s Equinox range has been extended with the addition of two new battery-powered par fixtures, the Micro Batt and Maxi Batt. Both models feature an internal rechargeable lithium battery and a mixture of red, blue, green and white LEDs making them ideal for both venue up-lighting and dancefloor washing.
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The Prolight Concepts Group has recently extended its Equinox range with the introduction of the Shard, a high-power moonflower effect that allows DJs to select fast energetic movements and colour changes or slow constant rotation to emulate a mirror ball effect.
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Expanding the range of affordable and innovative fixtures on offer from the Prolight Concepts Group’s Equinox brand, the new Saturn Spot is a unique hybrid moving head that really stands out from the crowd. It combines a traditional moving head spot with an eye-catching LED rings effect to create both mid-air beams and mesmerizing ‘eye candy’ effects.
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The Prolight Concepts Group has announced the addition of a new lightweight, compact, and collapsible DJ booth system to its Equinox product range. Ideal for use by mobile DJs, the Truss Booth system folds down flat and weighs just 20kg but offers a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing equipment platform when it is setup.
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The new Equinox Fusion 100 Spot from the Prolight Concepts Group has just hit stores across the UK. This powerful moving head offers advanced features – including rotating GOBOs and motorised focus – yet has an extremely affordable price tag of just £299.
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The new Equinox Micropar Bar System and Mircobar Multi System are two new all-in-one lighting systems from the Prolight Concepts Group that each include four lighting fixtures pre-wired to a T-bar and supplied complete with a tripod stand. Priced at £109 and £115 respectively, these compact, yet effective, products offer an incredibly affordable one-stop lighting solution.
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The latest new addition to Prolight Concepts Group’s Equinox range is a feature-packed moving head that is perfect for large mobile DJ roadshows and small/medium-sized event production companies. Powered by an impressive 180W LED light source, the MS550 is ideal for creating mid-air beam effects and projecting GOBO patterns onto venue walls, ceilings, and floors.
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The Gyrocopter is the latest edition to Prolight Concepts Group’s Equinox range of affordable DJ-focused lighting effects. Powered by eight 8W RGBW CREE LEDs, the distinctive multi-beam moving head fixture is designed to generate a room-filling blaze of movement and colour.
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The Prolight Concepts Group has added three new DJ-oriented lighting fixtures to its Equinox range, all of which cost just £99 each. The Crossfire, Fusion Saber and Onyx are all compact, yet powerful, fixtures that are ideal for mobile DJ use.
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The Prolight Concepts Group has extended its Equinox range of LED-powered lighting fixtures with the introduction of the ultra-compact 12W Quad-Colour Pinspot. Available with a choice of white or black housing, this new Pinspot produces a powerful coloured beam from a very small unit.
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