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Mobile Phones Have Made Podcast Stars
Podcasts are free audio programmes that can provide an inspiring, entertaining, and educating listening experience. But there are so many out there, it’s difficult to know which ones are worth a listen. In this article, mobile DJ Tony Winyard shares a selection of his tried and tested favourites...

A few years ago, I was doing a course in stand-up comedy. One day in the bar after the class I was chatting with someone else who was doing the course and he asked if I’d listened to a podcast called ‘The Comedian’s Comedian’. I’d never heard of it, but the description sounded intriguing. A comedian named Stuart Goldsmith interviews other comedians, ranging from the world famous – such as Louis CK, Greg Davies, and Frankie Boyle – to the up and coming gag merchants worth watching out for. You get an insight in to how they go about writing their material, where they find inspiration, how they deal with depression (most of them seem to be depressed!), and what traumatic event at school lead to them becoming a social misfit… ok, that’s a generalisation, but it is accurate for more than you’d imagine!

I found them fascinating, and listened to over 80 of the episodes over the next few months. This then led me onto a podcast called ‘The School of Laughs’ hosted by Rik Roberts, over in Nashville, who runs a comedy school teaching aspiring comedians. This podcast also often has interviews, but it’s aimed at providing tips to those wanting to improve their stand-up comedy and/or public speaking skills.

Over the following 12 months I embarked on a journey of discovery in the podcast world. Often, I’d be listening to an interview with someone who sounded really interesting and also had their own podcast, so I’d then check out their show. Sometime later I would then hear them interviewing someone who sounded interesting, so I’d listen to their podcast, and so on.

When I’m cooking, driving, or working out, I’m often listening to a podcast. Sometimes to improve my knowledge on stuff like marketing, social media, or blogging strategies. Other times it might be on comedy and public speaking skills, or maybe DJ related issues.

Here is a list of some of my faves. Many aren’t directly related to DJing, but are in some way relevant, or cover useful life skills. All of these can be found on the iTunes Podcast app on an iPhone, and most are also available through other platforms. Failing that, they can all be accessed via a web browser, using the provided links, while many can also be downloaded for playback offline.

The Tim Ferriss Show

This is one of the most listened to podcasts in the world. Tim has interviewed many very famous people such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx, and Tony Robbins. Some of the guests that appear on his show have done some pretty crazy stuff and what they have to say is hugely inspirational. DEFINITELY one worth checking out!

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn hosts a few different podcasts, which are mostly business-related. One is named ‘Ask Pat’ and another is called ‘Smart Passive Income’ (also known as SPI). They contain great tips on online business, blogging, marketing, and lifestyle design. Pat often interviews people that have created extraordinary online businesses who offer great insights into ways you can improve your business in areas such as marketing, SEO, creativity, and much more.

The Pro Mobile Podcast

This one is a podcast that many readers should be familiar with. It’s the show hosted by the editor of Pro Mobile, Eddie Short, who interviews people from the world of mobile DJing. At the time of writing there had been 10 episodes, featuring DJs like Peter Merry, Gary Evans-Osgood and Richard Lee from Mastermix. We all have different ways of going about entertaining people and this show can really get the grey matter ticking and full to the brim with ideas on ways you can improve your DJ business.

The Comedian’s Comedian

In each show comedian Stuart Goldsmith interviews well-known comedians, which results in a fascinating listen. I believe that DJs can learn a lot from comedians and the way they handle a crowd and interact with their audience; there are more similarities than many will realize!

The Model Health Show

Conflicting information constantly bombards us when it comes to health and food. This show, hosted by Shawn Stevenson, attempts to present accurate and useful information. An especially useful listen for those who realize that the food you eat has a huge bearing on the amount of time you will spend in hospital and visiting doctors. The info you get here might save you a lot of time, money, and discomfort!

DJA Radio

This is a little bit of a red herring! The podcast doesn’t exist anymore and hasn’t for a few years, however when it was running it was an absolute goldmine of information for mobile DJs. The reason I include it is that you can still find some episodes on the net if you spend a little time searching. When it was running, DJA Radio had regular shows from some of the heavyweights of the American mobile DJ industry such as Mark Ferrell, Peter Merry, Jim Cerone, Bill Hermann, Jason Jones and more. These old shows are well worth searching for.

The Creative License

One of the stars of DJA Radio, Bill Hermann, has recently launched a new podcast of his own. Perfect if you don’t have much time to devote to listening, each of these video/audio programmes are only around five minutes long. Despite their limited run time, Bill packs in lots of ideas and information in a highly entertaining way, all targeted at mobile DJs.

The Art of Charm

This podcast has the lofty aim of making its listeners into better networkers, better connectors, and better thinkers! Many of the shows contain a lot of great information and they often feature intriguing guests. However, not every show is brilliant, some won’t be of interest.

Online Marketing Made Easy

If you’re seeking top tips on marketing, look no further than this show from social media guru Amy Porterfield, she really knows her stuff. You’ll learn superb strategies to advertise on Facebook, and other social media, as well as methods to set yourself apart from your competition.

The Bugle

If you like your comedy on the wacky side, with a lot of political satire thrown in, you’ll love this. It’s hosted by Andy Zaltzman, who has been a stand-up comedian for a very long time. He used to do a lot of work with John Oliver, who still appears on this show occasionally.
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