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Coffee for Closers By Tony Morris The one-line ‘elevator pitch’

This real life sales book will give you every tool and technique you need to be a huge success selling any product/ service you choose to master

Who will want to read the book?

Any person new to sales or someone with over twenty years experience. It appeals to sales people within any industry as it provides numerous examples that can be implemented into their daily role as sales professional.

Why they you want to buy it?

It is a guide for any sales person that wants to pick up a book and have all the answers to their daily questions and challenges that they will face. They’ll want to buy it as this will be the small step they need to huge success. If they are driven and hungry and have not been fortunate enough to benefit from some of the great sales trainings around, then this book will equip them with ground breaking tools to use when selling on the phone and in the field.

A 200 word description of the book, focusing on the purpose, scope and basic approach you have in mind.

With fifteen years sales experience and having read over sixty sales books and listened to over forty audio cds, I am yet to come across a book that actually gives real life techniques that can be put straight into practice.

This is exactly what I have strived to achieve with my book. It draws on all my experiences and some of the experiences of the three thousand sales professionals I have trained. It has taken the best bits from all the training I have attended every quarter in the past fifteen years from Sean McPheat to Anthony Robbins and seeing many of my sales training competitors in action like Pareto Law, MTD, Propeller, Natural, Phoenix to name but a few.

It provides the readers actual steps to take when preparing for their day, a call and a meeting, techniques to help them monitor their daily performance when selling over the phone and work out their conversion rates. It covers every single element of the sales cycle from practical ways to get into the right frame of mind, top building rapport with everyone you meet through to closing for a meeting and the sale.

I have personally invested over £15,000 in personal development along with hundreds of hours in reading some of the best books written by the sales gurus’ all over the world. This books combines the best part of all my learning’s delivered in a light hearted and easily digestible way. I wish there was a sales book available like this to read throughout my sales career.
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