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ADJ Is FLYing Free!
Now DJs and entertainers can set up their lightshow anywhere they wish with no strings attached ... of any kind. ADJ has introduced the ‘fully cordless’ WiFLY Series, consisting of a wireless DMX transceiver and three compatible battery-powered LED fixtures, which, when used together, totally eliminate the need for both DMX cables and electrical power cords.

Ideal for mobile DJs, clubs, venues, performances and events where size and power outlets are limited, the WiFLY Series lets you easily set up a multi-fixture light show in any situation where running cable would be too difficult, unsightly, hazardous or time-consuming. Fast, clean and easy to install, WiFLY products are designed to work well in RF-crowded environments for consistently reliable, interference-free wireless DMX control.

“Mobility is the magic word in all areas of life today, and the WiFLY Series takes this concept to the next level in lighting,” said Dirk Kast, General Manager for ADJ Europe. “With our WiFLY wireless DMX transceiver and battery-operated fixtures, users no longer have to be limited by the availability of electrical outlets or the length of cable runs when positioning their lights. They can cut loose from ‘the constraint of the cord’, and have complete creative freedom to assemble the most dynamic lightshow.”

“Not having to spend time running cords and cables also makes it much easier to set up and tear down your lights,” added Kast. “That’s another reason why the WiFLY Series is so ideal for entertainers on the go. It truly represents the next major advance in mobile lighting from ADJ.”

The ADJ WiFLY Series includes the following:

WiFLY Transceiver – An easy-to-use wireless DMX transmitter/receiver in one, the WiFLY Transceiver can control compatible ADJ WiFLY fixtures wirelessly from distances of up to 500 feet. There’s no complicated setup to worry about either, thanks to the transceiver’s EZ Pair feature, which allows it to automatically connect to WiFLY fixtures - no manual pairing required. Designed to perform reliably in any environment, the transceiver operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency and can co-exist with other RF technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi for consistent, interference-free wireless DMX control. One WiFLY transceiver can support up to 16 DMX-512 universes. Compact and lightweight, the WiFLY Transceiver measures 115 x 115 x 38mm, and weighs 0.67 kg. It features 3-pin and 5-pin DMX In/Out and includes an Omega bracket.

WiFLY Bar QA5 – A compact 0.5-metre RGBA LED linear colour wash bar, the WiFLY Bar QA5 is powered by its own internal lithium battery, which can hold a charge for up to 6 hours (full on). It’s also equipped with a built-in WiFLY wireless DMX transceiver, making it an ideal solution for stage and wall washing without the limitations imposed by power cords or DMX data cables. There are also no limits to the WiFLY Bar QA5’s colour-producing capabilities. The unit’s 5 x 5-watt ultra-bright 4-in-1 Quad-Colour (red, green, blue, amber) can blend an infinite palette of smooth, rich colours via a DMX controller. Manual, Sound-Active, and Master/Slave operational modes are also available. Other features include: 48 pre-programmed colour macros; LED pulse and strobe effect; 0-100% electronic dimming; 25° beam angle; 50,000-hour-rated LEDs; and a 58-watt maximum power draw. The WiFLY Bar QA5 measures a compact 502 x 150 x 150mm, and weighs 4 kg.

WiFLY Bar RGBA – This one-metre linear LED colour bar containing 320 x 10mm RGBA LEDs (64 red, 96 green, 96 blue, 64 amber) is also lithium battery-powered and WiFLY equipped. Not only does it give users freedom from the restrictions of power and DMX cabling, it also makes it simple to splash colour over larger areas, thanks to a convenient magnetic system that lets you link multiple bars together quickly and easily. The WiFLY Bar RGBA offers DMX operation (8 DMX channel modes) plus 5 manual modes; 48 built-in colour macros; LED pulse and strobe effect; 30° beam angle; 0-100% electronic dimming; 50,000-hour LED life; and maximum 34-watt power draw. Its lithium battery can run up to 10 hours from a single charge. It’s dimensions are 1060 x 73 x 145mm, and weight is 3.5 kg.

WiFLY Par QA – Rounding out the WiFLY Series fixtures is a low-profile RGBA LED par-style fixture with a 6-hour (full on) rechargeable lithium battery, full WiFLY capabilities, and today’s popular slim, ‘sit flat’ case design. Great for stage/wall washing and up-lighting, its 5 x 5-watt 4-in-1 Quad-Colour LEDs (red, green, blue, amber) yield a high output and smooth, shadow-free blended RGBA colours. Operational in 6 manual and DMX modes (8 different DMX channel options), it features: fast or slow colour change operation; 16 built-in colour macros; LED pulse and strobe effect; 0-100% electronic dimming; 25° beam angle; 50,000-hour long-life LEDs; and a maximum 55-watt power draw. The WiFLY Par QA measures 265 x 240 x 164 mm, and weighs 4kg.

WiFLY RGBW8C – This compact 64-channel controller features a built-in WiFLY Transceiver, allowing it to control RGB, RGBW and RGBA LED fixtures wirelessly (it can also be hard wired via 3-pin DMX cables). One of the simplest and most versatile LED controllers available today, it’s ideal for DJs, entertainers, clubs, bars or anyone who wants easy control of LED pars, bars, floods and panels. It can control up to 8 LED fixtures or fixture groups independently via four buttons, and features 9 direct access preset/chase program buttons, 3 user programmable colour preset buttons, and on-the-fly speed and fade control of all chase programs. Users can choose from eight operation modes: RGB Fade, Auto Run, Colour Macro, Chase, Sound Active, Channel Bank, Manual RGBW, and Blackout. The WiFLY RGBW8C controller measures 327 x 140 x 48 mm, and weighs 1.3kg.

WiFLY D6 Branch – The WiFLY Series also includes a 6-way wireless DMX Splitter/Amplifier with a built-in WiFLY transceiver. Linkable with other WiFLY D6 Branch units, it features 1 x DMX In, 6 x DMX Out, and 1 x DMX Thru. Each of its outputs is electrically and optically isolated from the others for reliable, consistent performance. The WiFLY D6 Branch comes with a clamp-mount bracket and 2 Velcro straps for securely attaching to truss. Its dimensions are 150 x 120 x120mm, and it weighs 1.45 kg.

Published: 08 July 2013
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