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Spread A Little White Magic With American DJ
Featuring both warm white and cool white LEDs, American DJ’s new Flat Par CWWW9 and Flat Par CWWW18 LED par cans can produce variable colour temperatures from 3400°K to 7400°K, allowing you to create tons of white, ranging from a warm tungsten glow to the whitest shade of pale.

Not only do the Flat Par CWWW9 and Flat Par CWWW18 produce any shade of white imaginable, they also feature a unique 'sit-flat' design that gives them the versatility to be used in many different ways: as overhead stage lighting, uplighting, or even inside truss as truss toners. Housed in a very low-profile case, both models include dual hanging brackets and have their power and DMX connectors positioned on the side of the unit rather than the rear. This side-placement design, along with the unit’s level horizontal shape, allows it to sit flat on the ground, making it ideal for uplighting walls and objects, and to fit easily inside truss without brackets. The Flat Par CWWW9 and Flat Par CWWW18 can also be hung from a lighting bar or trussing easily and securely with the included bracket and safety hook on the rear panel.

Great for mobile entertainers, displays and permanent installations, the Flat Par CWWW9 and Flat Par CWWW18 emit very little heat, thanks to their cool-running LED lamps. They are also very energy-efficient and maintenance-free. Their long-life LEDs will run for 50,000 hours without burning out.

The Flat Par CWWW9 features 9 x 3-watt LEDs (4 x Cool White and 5 x Warm White). It draws just 30 watts of power at maximum use.

The Flat Par CWWW18 has 18 x 3-watt LEDs (9 x Cool White and 9 x Warm White). It draws 60 watts of power at maximum use.

Both the Flat Par CWWW9 and Flat Par CWWW18 feature a 40° beam angle, built-in Colour Macros, a Strobe Effect, 0-100% Dimming, and smooth colour mixing with fast or slow colour change operation. Each unit can be run in six operational modes: DMX-512 Mode; Colour Dimmer Mode; White Presets Mode; Colour Fade Mode; Sound Active Mode and Auto Run Mode. When used with a DMX controller, there are three different channel modes to choose from: 3, 4, or 5. A convenient 4-button display on the rear panel gives users easy access to DMX settings.

The Flat Par CWWW9 and Flat Par CWWW18 can also be run wirelessly using American DJ’s optional LED RC infrared remote controller (sold separately). The fixtures can be operated remotely from up to 4.5M with the LED RC.

Published: 02 December 2011
BPM DJ Show 2024
12 / 10 / 2024 - 13 / 10 / 2024
Photo Booth Expo London
13 / 10 / 2024 - 14 / 10 / 2024


£5.00 (INC P&P)