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Pulling Power: Ifor Williams Trailers for Mobile DJs
Transport is an important consideration for every mobile DJ; do you try to cram your gear into the family car, invest in a van, or opt for a trailer? Obviously, domestic cars offer only a limited amount of space and heavy flight-cases can soon start to cause damage to a car’s interior. On the other hand, there is a lot of expense involved in taking on a dedicated business van, not just in terms of the initial investment, but also the running costs such as insurance, road tax, servicing and MOT. For these reasons and others, many mobile DJs go for the trailer option and Pro Mobile advertiser Ifor Williams manufacture a range of trailers that are perfect for both storing and transporting mobile DJ rigs of all shapes and sizes.

The entry level model in the Ifor Williams range is the BV64e, which is an un-braked trailer that provides 2.3m³ of storage space and a maximum gross weight of 500kg. Available with either van doors or a roller shutter, the BV64e is small enough to tow behind most cars and can easily be stored safely in a garage between gigs. The price for a brand new BV64e starts at £1025+VAT, making it ideal for operators of small shows who are looking for a compact and affordable transportation solution for their gear.

While the BV64e is a perfect starter model, in order to carry the bulk and weight of many mobile shows the next model up in the Ifor Williams range will be required. The BV4 is an 8’ x 4’ trailer that provides 4.62m³ of transportation space while maintaining a relatively low height of 5’, low enough to clear most garage doors. Two versions of the BV4 are available; a single axle model that offers a maximum gross weight of 1400kg and a twin axle version that offers 2700kg. Both versions are available with either van doors or a combination ramp/door, perfect for loading and unloading wheeled flight-cases.

For the largest of mobile shows the Ifor Williams range extends to their BV5 and BV6 models, both of which are twin axle trailers available in a range of lengths, storage capacities and weight loading limits. The biggest BV6 is 7’ tall, 12’ long, provides 14.38m³ of storage space and has a maximum gross weight of 3500kg – more than enough for even the biggest gear junkie!

Not only do trailers make great gear storage and transportation units, they can also be used as mobile ‘bill boards’. All Ifor Williams trailers have plain white-coated sides that can be easily sign-written with a DJ’s company name, website, phone number and other details.

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Published: 12 June 2009
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