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CHAUVET DJ Introduces SlimBEAM Quad IRC
The SlimBEAM Quad IRC, a quad-colour up-lighting fixture capable of ‘wall art’ beam effects, is the latest addition to the CHAUVET DJ range of lighting products. Providing mobile DJs with an up-lighting fixture that offers varying colours as well as distinct beam effects, the fixture looks to rival similar dual-effect products on the market.

Consisting of three tilting quad-colour (RGBA) LED modules mounted on one compact base, DJs can not only use the SlimBEAM Quad IRC as a colour accent for up-lighting walls and surfaces, but also as an active beam effect. Furthermore, with its 180⁰ tilt range it can cover large amounts of wall space, giving users improved coverage from a single fixture. For mobile DJs wishing to cover even wider areas, multiple SlimBEAM Quad IRCs can be linked in a master/slave configuration.

The product’s up-lighting and beam effects can be created in a range of colours, which the user can blend using the SlimBEAM Quad IRC’s quad-colour LEDs. This allows them to match the unit’s colour effects to the mood or theme of the wedding, birthday party or other event that they are working. When using the SlimBEAM Quad IRC’s beam effects to bring energy to the dance-floor, its narrow 15⁰ beam angles ensure that effects are concise and cutting. Additionally, with no moving parts, the fixture is silent during operation, making it ideal for DJs who provide lighting in quiet environments.

“Ideal for DJs, MCs and event producers, the 2-in-1 SlimBEAM Quad IRC makes it easy to add stunning ‘wall art’ effects that will distinguish your event from the pack,” said Rick Peeples, Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. “As a lighting company we’re always asking ourselves, ‘What’s next?’ So with up-lighting having become so huge today, we felt it was time to give this trend a new, exciting twist.”

“The SlimBEAM Quad IRC does just that,” he added. “It goes beyond simply accenting walls and surfaces to do double duty as an effects light. You can use it as a traditional up-lighting fixture and then, at any time, crank up the effects to highlight a special part of the evening, such as the introduction of a speaker, or just add some amazing-looking wall art to excite the crowd.”

Designed by CHAUVET with easy operation in mind, mobile DJs will enjoy how simple the fixture is to run. They can even run it manually without DMX, making it great for users with little or no programing knowledge. Built-in automated programs can also be easily triggered, while another non-DMX option is offered by way of the separately-sold IRC-7 infrared controller, which enables control over basic features from up to 10m.

The SlimBEAM Quad IRC does give mobile DJs the option of DMX control, however, with a choice between 4, 9 and 16-channel modes. For DMX-linking, it also comes equipped with 3-pin XLR connections. Mobile DJs also wishing to power-link multiple fixtures as part of their wider setup can connect up to 34 units at 230V, saving them the hassle of extensive cabling.

Designed with portability in mind, the SlimBEAM Quad IRC remains easy to transport and setup; weighing 2.4kg and measuring 273 x 80 x 212mm.

The SlimBEAM Quad IRC from CHAUVET DJ will be available soon.

Published: 18 March 2015
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12 / 10 / 2024 - 13 / 10 / 2024
Photo Booth Expo London
13 / 10 / 2024 - 14 / 10 / 2024


£5.00 (INC P&P)