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Kam Releases New KMH Mini Moving Heads
Mobile DJ equipment manufacturer Kam has recently released three new moving head pinspots to form its modular KMH series. Thanks to their flexible movement and 4-in-1 LEDs, the KMH1, KMH2 and KMH4 enable mobile DJs to create exciting panning and tilting lighting effects from conveniently compact sources.

The KMH1, KMH2 and KMH4 all make the most of 10W quad-colour CREE LEDs, allowing them to project powerful multi-colour beam effects that are enhanced and made tighter by clear optics. The KMH fixtures can be used to fill the dance-floor with fast-moving beams of colour, with Kam’s inclusion of smooth motors enabling fast, precise movements and greater coverage – perfect for smaller venues and function rooms.

Where the three fixtures differ is in their number of heads. While the more basic KMH1 is a single-head fixture and the KMH2 a dual-head, the KMH4 packs four moving heads into one 10.5kg unit, giving DJs the convenience of a portable, multi-head fixture that can be easily incorporated into their mobile setup. Meanwhile, the KMH1 and KMH2 weigh in at 1.5kg and 4.3kg, respectively, ensuring that the user’s lightshow remains lightweight and portable, no matter which KMH models they select. All three models come in a smooth matt-black finish.

“The KMH moving head pinspot series is an extremely exciting addition to our expanding range of DJ lighting and lasers,” said Paul Bierton, Technical Director for Lamba PLC and Kam. “I am incredibly proud of this product, which has to be seen in-store to get the full effect.”

In terms of operation, users have a choice between three modes: DMX, Sound-to-light and Auto. With a number of pre-programed lightshows to select from, mobile DJs can get straight down to business with the sound-to-light and automatic settings. Alternatively, multiple KMH fixtures can be linked via DMX in/out connections, allowing mobile DJs to program their lightshows with more in-depth control, using the 9- or 13-channel modes. These channel-modes allow control over various features, including slow-fast strobing, dimming, colour mixing, colour changes, movement and pan/tilt speed.

Kam has also equipped the KMH pinspots with Link&Sync capabilities, so users can link the KMH1, KMH2 and KMH4 with other fixtures across the series for an easy synchronised lightshow controlled using the first connected KMH fixture. Configuring multiple KMH units in this Link&Sync mode enables users to create a synchronised array of concise, colour-changing beams that provide an attention-grabbing, crowd-facing feature. With mains in/outs too, mobile DJs can enjoy a quick setup, allowing them to link the power for multiple KMH moving heads quickly and with minimal wiring.

The Kam KMH1, KMH2 and KMH4 are available now.

Published: 15 March 2015
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