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ADJ Releases 5P Hex and Ultra Hex Bar 6
Adding two hex-LED fixtures to its product range, ADJ has released the 5P Hex and Ultra Hex Bar 6, giving mobile DJs two new LED solutions that utilise five colours (plus UV) and a ‘lie flat’ body design to offer versatile uplighting and stage washing. Both fixtures feature 6-in-1 LEDs, which contain red, green, blue, white, amber and UV within one light source, allowing for smoother colour mixing and the creation of more distinct hues.

An LED par fixture that contains five 10W hex-LEDS, the 5P Hex also makes the most of 63 built-in colour macros and a 30⁰ beam angle, allowing users to wash dance-floors, stages and other spaces, from above or below, in UV-infused colour hues. These features make it easier for mobile DJs to adapt their lightshows to the different types of event they work.

ADJ’s other new arrival is the Ultra Hex Bar 6 – a linear bar fixture that utilises six 10W hex-LEDs and offers wider washes than the 5P Hex, thanks to a linear layout and 40⁰ beam angle. Utilising 63 colour macros and offering smooth colour mixing, the Ultra Hex Bar 6 is capable of creating distinct colour washes, much like the 5P Hex, and is therefore well-suited to lining venue walls, stages and other flat surfaces where users require a linear fixture.

The UV provided by both the 5P Hex and Ultra Hex Bar 6 is especially useful when catering to younger audiences at school proms, birthday parties and other events where a ‘club’ atmosphere is needed, while the white and amber colour hues offered by the hex-LEDs are well-suited to weddings. Mobile DJs can incorporate these UV effects into their custom colours, so that when the main lights are dimmed or blacked out their wash lighting and uplighting will be enhanced. Both the 5P Hex and Ultra Hex Bar 6 also benefit from 0-100% electronic dimming and LED pulse and strobe effects.

“Not only are our 5P Hex and Ultra Hex Bar 6 equipped with super-bright 10-watt LED sources, but these LEDs also allow the smooth colour mixing of Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber and UV, resulting in truly diverse UV-infused colours,” said Alfred Gonzales, Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “With wide beam angles and unique designs allowing for versatile positioning, users can apply these flexible pars to any situation – as static up-lighting and wash effects, or as UV strobing – to create pure lighting excitement for their audience.”

Thanks to ADJ’s new patent-pending body design, both fixtures can lie flat, with IEC and DMX in/out sockets being conveniently positioned on one side for when DJs are warming truss or up-lighting walls, marquees, stages and decor. The 5P Hex also features a dual yoke, so users can hang it or stand it on the floor, for washing dance-floors and other areas from a range of angles. The Ultra Hex Bar 6, meanwhile, can be mounted on a lighting rig for overhead washes, thanks to the inclusion of mounting brackets.

In terms of control, the 5P Hex has five operational modes: Static Colour, RGBAW+UV Dimmer, Show (with seven built-in programs), Sound Active and DMX-Controlled, the latter of which includes four channel modes (6, 7, 8 and 12). The Ultra Hex Bar 6 provides the same choice of Static Colour, RGBAW+UV Dimmer, Show, Sound Active and DMX-Controlled modes, but with the addition of an extra 18-channel DMX mode. The Ultra Hex Bar 6 can also be controlled using the wireless ADJ RFC remote, while the Dotz Par RF wireless remote is compatible with the 5P Hex.

Both the 5P Hex and Ultra Hex Bar 6 are available now. The 5P Hex is also available in an all-white version: the 5P Hex Pearl.

Published: 22 February 2015
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