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HRA Releases CX Speaker Series and SB Subwoofers
Loudspeaker manufacturer HRA (High Resolution Audio) has launched its latest series of speakers – the CX series – as well as an accompanying range of SB subwoofers, offering mobile DJs a number of compact speaker solutions.

HRA is a UK-based company specialising in high-end pro audio loudspeaker systems suitable for AV, installation, hire and touring. All HRA units feature the latest audio technologies and use efficient designs to offer a high power-to-weight ratio. The CX series of point source, full range, trapezoid enclosures have been optimised for DJ use, where accurate sound reproduction is required.

The most compact in the new range is the passive CX1 – a 6.5 inch enclosure with a power rating of 170W (r.m.s passive) and a frequency response of 85hz-20Khz. Meanwhile, the passive CX2 is an 8 inch enclosure with a power rating of 280W (r.m.s passive) and a frequency response of 70hz-20Khz.

Where the range comes into its own for mobile DJs, however, is with the high power CX3 and CX4 active speakers. The CX3 is a 12 inch enclosure with a power rating of 760W and a frequency response of 60hz-20Khz. The CX4 – the largest speaker in the range – is a 15 inch enclosure that offers a power rating of 760W and a wide-ranging frequency response of 50hz-20Khz. Both the CX3 and CX4 feature an integrated power amplifier with a module rating of 1050w + 1050w (r.m.s). High-powered but still compact, these speakers are ideal for mobile DJs to add to their setup for quality sound that can take on a range of frequencies.

All of the CX enclosures feature M8 fly points, while the CX1 and CX2 feature additional K&M bracket rear mounting points, making it easy for DJs to mount the speakers onto truss as part of their mobile setup. HRA supplies cabinets with a spatter paint finish, in both black and white colours as standard. RAL colours are also available to special order.

In addition to the CX series, HRA has also released a matching range of SB subwoofers. Remaining compact and easy to transport for mobile DJs, these powered SB subwoofers extend low frequency performance to the lowest octaves; allowing DJs to reproduce high quality sound at low frequencies as part of their audio setup.

The SB112 is a 12 inch subwoofer, the most compact in the range; utilising a 900W power rating (r.m.s active) and a frequency response of 45hz-220hz. The two largest subwoofers in the range – the 15 inch SB115 and the 18 inch SB118 – offer power ratings of 1050W (r.m.s active) and an impressive frequency response of 40hz-220hz. Meanwhile, the SB212 makes the most of two 12 inch compact subwoofers, with a total power rating of 1800w (r.m.s active) and a frequency response of 42hz-220hz. Every unit in the SB series features an integrated power amp with a 1050W + 1050W rating, allowing the single subwoofer units to also drive either a paired CX1 or CX2 full range passive speaker, or one of their own unpowered (passive) equivalents – the SB112P, SB115P and SB118P.

The CX and SB ranges are available from HRA now.

Published: 02 December 2014
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