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Winter Vibes with Pioneer’s Controller Bundle Giveaways
Pioneer DJ is giving away free headphones with every sale of its DDJ-SR controller and a free monitor speaker with every sale of its DDJ-SZ as part of a ‘Winter Vibes’ bundle offer. DJs will also receive the Serato DJ Expansion Pack with purchase of either product.

The DDJ-SR is a 2-channel controller designed for Serato DJ that features performance pads (with Pad Plus), slip mode and a cross-fader reverse, so DJs can get more creative with their mixing while entertaining crowds at weddings, corporate events, birthday bashes, college parties, school dances and proms. The controller is Serato DJ-intuitive and quick to set up, making it great for the DJ on the move. DJs are also able to trigger samples or jingles thanks to the Pad Plus button, which offers extra control over hot cues. The DDJ-SR’s steel top plate and aluminium jog wheels offer a sleek professional look, while its faders are robust and durable.

With every DDJ-SR purchase made between now and the 4th of January, Pioneer will give away a free set of HDJ-1500 headphones from its Pro-DJ range. These professional headphones offer an innovative soundproofing chamber, for a more immersive DJing experience. Lightweight and durable, the HDJ-1500s will ensure comfort during lengthy sets and withstand the rigorous use demanded by the lifestyle of the mobile DJ.

For those mobile DJs that want the flexibility of a ‘club’ controller, the DDJ-SZ is a 4-channel unit designed for use with Serato DJ and with a layout close to that of the CDJ-2000nexus. Key features, offering creative freedom, include performance pads with customisable cue-point LEDs and high/low pass filters on every channel. With two sound cards and USB ports, DJs can connect two devices to the DDJ-SZ; enabling them to use one as a backup for a smooth changeover should their main device fail.

With every purchase of the DDJ-SZ before the 4th of January, Pioneer will give away an S-DJ50X: the 5-inch active monitor speaker from the Pro-DJ range that boasts low resonance, strong bass and clear mid-high frequencies for a crisp, strong sound.

Throwing a little Christmas cheer into the mix, as part of the Winter Vibes bundle Pioneer is also giving away a free download of the Serato Flip Expansion Pack (worth £19) with sales of both the DDJ-SR and DDJ-SZ.

DJs can purchase the controllers online or in store, after which they will receive either the HDJ-1500s or the S-DJ50X as a free gift. For the free download of the Serato Flip Expansion Pack, customers should give their details to their dealer, await a survey from Pioneer and complete/return it to claim their Expansion Pack.

Published: 30 November 2014
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