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Prolight Concepts Launches LEDJ Mini Pix Series
Prolight Concepts has recently released its new LEDJ Mini Pix range of COB LED wash/pixel solutions, giving mobile DJs three portable fixtures to choose from – the LEDJ Mini Pix 4 Batten, LEDJ Mini Pix 9 Batten and LEDJ Mini Pix 9 Panel.

The new fixtures make the most of pixel-mapping technology, housed in a robust chassis – making them well-suited to DJs who want to take eye-catching effects on the road with them. As Bernie Marsh, Prolight Concepts General Manager, explains: “This is a further expansion of our LEDJ COB series. COB products are now a major part of our lighting range. Pixel-mapping effects combined with superb colour washing and high output makes these three Mini Pix fixtures a must-have addition to any roadshow.”

The most compact in the range (weighing 2.8 kg), the LEDJ Mini Pix 4 Batten is a linear fixture that features four 9-watt tri-colour COB LEDs and a beam angle of 25-degrees, allowing users to create far-reaching, powerful wash effects in a range of colours. Chases and pattern effects can be achieved using the LEDJ Mini Pix 4’s various internal programs – including static colour, colour mix, colour change and colour fade – while users have access to auto, sound active and DMX-controlled modes (with the latter offering 3, 4, 6, 12 and 15-channel options). Mobile DJs can also benefit from the LEDJ Mini Pix 4’s pixel-mapping capabilities, which allow eye-catching effects with which to wow audiences. The unit’s flexible hanging bracket also means that it can be hung or laid flat on the ground, giving more flexibility when it comes to lighting different events.

The LEDJ Mini Pix 9 Batten, much like the 4 Batten, is a linear fixture that has the same 25-degree beam angle, but offers more light output thanks to its nine 9-watt tri-colour COB LEDs. Much like the other fixtures in the series, the LEDJ Mini Pix 9 Batten creates cool chase and pattern effects using internal programs while in auto and sound active modes. For more in depth control, users can use DMX-controlled mode, which gives them a choice of 3, 4, 5, 9, 27, and 30-channel options. Animated pattern effects and video mapping can also be achieved thanks to the unit’s pixel-mapping capabilities; giving mobile DJs extra scope for entertaining crowds. Lengthier than the 4 Batten, the Mini Pix 9 Batten weighs in at 6 kg – heavier but still light enough to be part of a mobile DJ’s portable rig.

With a different layout to its sister fixtures, the LEDJ Mini Pix 9 Panel contains the same amount of 9-watt tri-colour COB LEDs as the LEDJ Mini Pix 9 Batten, but arranged in a 3x3 matrix configuration. The same 25-degree beam angle and pixel-mapping capabilities enable the LEDJ Mini Pix 9 Panel to create equally eye-catching pixel effects and wide-spread colour washes, while its internal programs make effective chases and patterns easy to activate for mobile DJs content with operating the fixture in auto or sound active mode. Those looking for more creative freedom can utilise DMX-controlled mode, which comes with a choice of five channel-modes – 3, 4, 5, 27, and 30. The Mini Pix 9 Panel weighs a modest 4.8 kg, making it a compact, lightweight fixture for taking on the road.

The LEDJ Mini Pix 4 Batten and 9 Batten are available now. The LEDJ Mini Pix 9 Panel will be available soon.

Published: 28 November 2014
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