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ADJ Launches Affordable VF Fog & Snow Machines
ADJ has released its new VF Series of fog and snow machines, offering mobile DJs a range of affordable, portable solutions with which to enhance their lightshows.

With fog and snow machines infamous for being temperamental, the VF Series provides mobile DJs with reliability; not only generating realistic effects but harnessing all the practical benefits of modern technology. Ideal for mobile DJs of all types, the VF fixtures come in a range of sizes.

The most compact is the VF400: a 400-watt mobile fog machine capable of adding atmosphere to any lightshow. The VF400’s compact size, speedy five minute warm-up time and output of 3,000 cubic-feet per minute makes it ideal for the needs of the mobile DJ, allowing them to fill any small dance-floor or room with quality fog to create beam-enhancing effects for their audiences.

With its high-quality water-based fog fluid and a high-efficiency heater block, the VF400 is designed to create more fog and leave less residue. The internal fluid tank holds 0.5-litres and a fluid level indicator shows when the tank is running low. The unit also comes with a wired remote, allowing fog effects to be triggered as and when the user needs them. Weighing in at just 2.12Kgs, the VF400 can be easily transported, stored and moved – perfect for the portable needs of any mobile DJ or entertainer.

More powerful than the VF400, the VF1000 utilises a 1-litre tank and offers an output of 8,000 cubic-feet per minute and a warm-up time of six minutes – making it ideal for medium-sized venues. It feature the same high-efficiency heater block as the VF400, leaving less residue, but what sets the two units apart is the low fog fluid shut-off sensor, which protects the pump when fluid levels venture too low, and the Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) that allows for optimum heating levels. The VF1000 also features a fog output switch on its rear-panel for increased control.

The VF1300 model includes many of the same features as the VF1000, with the main differences being in fluid capacity and output. This 1300-watt fog machine covers 12,000 cubic feet per minute with a 7-minute warm-up time and has an external 2.3-litre fluid tank. A wireless remote control and a wired remote control are included, so the VF1300 can be controlled by mobile DJs from the stage or from afar. Weighing 4.88Kgs, the VF1300 is more sizable than the VF400 and VF1000 but still easy for DJs on the move to store and transport, as well as being able to give that extra coverage in larger venues.

The largest machine in the range is the VF1600, which packs 1500-watts of power, heats up in eight-minutes and, with an external fluid tank holding 2.3-litres, offers a fog output capable of covering 20,000 cubic-feet per minute, so mobile DJs will have no problem covering a dance-floor of any size. As with the VF1000 and VF1300, the VF1600 features ETS, a low fog fluid shut off sensor and a fog output switch, as well as a high-efficiency heater block.

Unlike its sister models, the VF1600 includes a wired timer remote, allowing DJs to control the duration of the fixture’s fog blasts as well as the time separating each burst. This gives the user in-depth control and lets them easily match the density of the fog to the venue they’re working in. Once the fixture is set up, the timer will do the work; leaving DJs to concentrate on other aspects of their lightshow or performance. The VF1600 also includes a wireless remote control. What’s more, the VF1600 is also the only fixture in the series which features 3-pin DMX connections, allowing users to operate the machine from a DMX controller of their choice.

Alongside the VF fog machines is ADJ’s new snow machine: the VF Flurry. This highly efficient, 600-watt unit has a spray distance of 2.5 metres and a 1-litre internal fluid tank, allowing mobile DJs to bring realistic snow effects to any venue using the efficient water-based fluid. The VF Flurry also features a low/high volume selection switch, a snow fluid level indicator, and comes with a wired remote control. The machine is compact and weighs just 3.8Kgs – great for DJs on the road over the up-coming Christmas period and all year round.

“With our new VF Series we really wanted to eradicate the unpredictability of fog and snow machines and offer forward-thinking solutions without having to bump up prices,” Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for ADJ USA, explains. “Whatever our customers’ requirements for atmosphere-enhancing effects, our versatile new range should offer them the right machines for their needs at a price they can afford, allowing them to create a unique canvas on which to project pure lighting excitement.”

Published: 16 November 2014
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