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ADJ’s Scan ‘n’ Roll Revolution
ADJ pushed the LED Revolution to new heights with its Inno Roll LED and Inno Scan LED fixtures, offering users unique mirrored scanners with huge 50-watt LED sources to power them. Stepping things up another gear, ADJ’s latest Inno Scan Series fixtures – the Inno Scan HP and Inno Roll HP – are even higher-power versions, with both of these big LED scanners bolstered by massively-bright 80-watt LED sources.

The Inno Scan HP uses this hugely-powerful 80-watt white LED engine and a sharp 16-degree beam angle to deliver incredibly bright shafts of light reflecting from a flat mirror. With 8 colours (plus open), the colour of the lighting show can be varied and matched to suit any particular occasion, while the 6 rotating, interchangeable GOBOs (plus spot) allow users to project moving patterns or create a spotlight effect. Combining the two, DJs can effortlessly create mesmeric coloured pattern effects with which to generate pure lighting excitement for their audiences.

In terms of operation, the Inno Scan HP offers four modes: Auto Run, Sound Active, Master/Slave and DMX. Auto Run and Sound Active modes allow various built-in lightshows to be utilised, creating awesome lighting effects for audiences without users having to deal with the complexities of DMX. Master/Slave and power daisy-chaining capabilities mean that an impressive lightshow using multiple fixtures can be quickly and easily set up, with synchronised movement and impressive effects, but no need for complex programming. However, for those who do want exacting control over their fixtures, DMX-Controlled mode offers a choice of two channel options (8 or 11).

The second new fixture in ADJ’s ever-advancing Inno Series is the Inno Roll HP, which – much like the Inno Scan HP – utilises the power of an 80-watt, high-output, white LED engine but with a concise 10-degree beam angle, offering users super-bright beams of pure lighting excitement with which to fixate the eyes of their audiences. Being a barrel mirrored scanner, the Inno Roll HP can send its patterns and colours flying across dance-floors and venue walls. With pulse and strobe effects at hand too, DJs can up-the-ante when it comes to creating a pulsating party atmosphere for clubbers and dancers.

Due to four operational modes, offering both complex and simple options for control, the Inno Roll HP can be operated by DJs of all levels of experience. A simple, but effective, lightshow can be achieved using Auto Run or Sound Active modes, while complex atmosphere-enhancing results can be generated using the 9-channel DMX mode. Meanwhile, Master/Slave capabilities allow users to run the same standalone lightshow across multiple fixtures. Like the Inno Scan HP, the Inno Roll HP is also compatible with the ADJ UC3 Series of remotes, which offer simple control over functions such as blackout and strobe.

Both the Inno Scan HP and the Inno Roll HP boast a 50,000 hour lamp life, making the fixtures highly efficient and meaning the lamps will never need replacing – so users can cast aside worries about the lamp blowing during a set or performance. The interchangeable 24mm GOBOs on both fixtures allow users to be selective with their choice of GOBOs; this is great for special occasions and for wedding DJs, where custom GOBOs (of business logos, couples names, etc.) can be incorporated to make an event more personal and memorable.

The Inno Scan HP and Inno Roll HP are available worldwide from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe.

Published: 08 October 2014
Photo Booth Expo London
13 / 10 / 2024 - 14 / 10 / 2024
BPM DJ Show 2024
09 / 11 / 2024 - 10 / 11 / 2024


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