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Engine DJ drops v2.2.0
Engine DJ have released v2.2.0 and below outlines the latest changes for Engine DJ software platforms (OS & Desktop).

Engine DJ Performance Software for Hardware (OS)

New Features
• Active Loops - Saved Loops can now be automatically activated when the play head enters the loop region. Active Loops feature a zebra pattern in the loop region bar to differentiate from standard Saved Loops. Setting an Active Loop on Engine DJ hardware is also possible for devices with Parameter buttons. To set an Active Loop, press and hold the left parameter button and then press the desired Saved Loop pad.
• FX Time Division & Amount UI - The Numark Mixstream Pro now offers FX Time Division and FX Amount as interactive elements on the touchscreen. This allows DJs to further customize the onboard effects. (MIXSTREAM PRO)
• Sync now remains enabled when unanalyzed tracks are loaded to a deck. Sync is disabled only when the track is played before the analysis has been completed.
• Default Auto Loop sizes have been expanded to include 32 beats and ‘None’. When set to ‘None’, the last used Auto Loop size will be applied.
• Jog wheel nudge sensitivity has been expanded with an additional reduced sensitivity level setting called “Min”
• Nudge Sensitivity is now included in the User Profile. This allows the setting to be applied automatically when the profile is loaded on any Engine DJ device.
• The Engine Lighting panel can now be accessed directly by pressing the dot button. (MIXSTREAM PRO)
• Engine Lighting now offers the ability to invert pan and tilt options for moving head DMX light fixtures
• Added the ability to disable the crossfader from the Control Centre (MIXSTREAM PRO)
• Enabled computer mode for third-party DJ app support - Virtual DJ (MIXSTREAM PRO)

Improvements and Fixes
• Improved search result presentation times
• Improved playlist presentation times
• Improved the power on the dialog when used with battery power (PRIME GO)
• Improved the scaling of the VU meters (MIXSTREAM PRO)
• Improved performance pad lighting states (MIXSTREAM PRO)
• Changed the default screen brightness level (battery) to ‘High’ (PRIME GO)
• Fixed an issue where looping a track while in the collection view for an extended period of time would result in a momentary hang when switching back to the waveform view
• Fixed an issue where Engine Lighting output would fail to start in certain circumstances
• Fixed an issue where attempting to load corrupt tracks could cause the device to hang

Engine DJ Preparation Software (Desktop)

New Features
• Active Loops - Loops can now be automatically activated when the play head enters the loop region. All eight Saved Loops can be set as Active Loops. Simply check the Active Loop box in the Saved Loop name and colour pallet. Active Loops feature a zebra pattern in the loop region bar to differentiate from standard Saved Loops.
• Metronome - To aid in beat grid editing, Engine DJ now features a built-in metronome. The audible metronome tick will play each time the play head passes a beat marker. To enable the Metronome, open the Beat Grid Edit panel. The volume level of the Metronome can also be adjusted from this panel.

Improvements and Fixes
• Improvements to Sync Manager repack times
• Improved track population time when changing playlists
• Improved ‘Remove from Drive’ and 'Remove from Collection' operation time
• Improved Dropbox drive/folder browsing experience for Dropbox folders on partitioned drives
• Unsupported tracks are now displayed in red
• Fixed an issue that prevented Engine DJ from closing if the main database was corrupt
• Fixed an issue where the ‘Length’ tag for tracks imported from third-party libraries would not update after analysis
• Fixed an issue where plugging in an external drive would change library focus from the currently selected list to the local Collection
• Fixed an issue where loading a track to either deck would change the time display format from 'Elapsed' to 'Remaining'
• Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping a folder below the Collection in the ‘Drives' panel would not create a playlist on the second attempt
• Fixed an issue where the ‘Packed’ column was hidden by default
• Fixed an issue where album art for third-party libraries would disappear after loading a track to the deck
• Fixed an issue where reordering a playlist would show the incorrect track highlight
• Fixed an issue where the application could hang after force ejecting a drive while packing is in progress
• Fixed a rare crash that could occur while importing a third-party music library
• Fixed intermittent crashes when editing track metadata
• Fixed possible application crashes during startup and shutdown
Published: 26 April 2022
PLASA Show London
04 / 09 / 2022 - 06 / 09 / 2022
BPM DJ Show 2022
15 / 10 / 2022 - 16 / 10 / 2022


£25.00 (INC P&P)