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REVIEWED: Humpter MH Stand
Lighting for mobile DJs has come a long way due to the simplicity and versatility of DMX controllers like the Wolfmix DMX Controller W1. The demand for moving heads has ramped up and therefore the need for stands and/or podiums has also increased.

Whilst moving heads can be hung from a gantry or on a truss setup, a simple stand or podium for each light is a faster and better-looking option. Plus, stands allow you to ‘widen’ your light show very easily. If you are hanging moving heads on a gantry, for example, you only have the width of that space to work with. By using stands, you can place your lights out in the corners, even on the other side of a room – something made even easier when using a Di-Fi system.

My need for podiums has grown a lot as my lighting has evolved. For most shows, I’ve moved from using two moving heads to using four or six, because – thanks to my Wolfmix controller – impressive shows are so easy to make at the press of a few buttons. For this reason, stands and podiums for my moving heads are always on my shopping list!

Humpter describes its new MH stand as being the ‘ultimate lighting stand’, with simplicity in mind. I first met Marcin and the team from Humpter at the 2023 Pro Mobile Conference, when they attended with what is now known as the Humpter B3 DJ Stand. They were also showcasing other new stands, many of which piqued my interest, but I didn’t get chance to take a more detailed look. Thankfully, I was in luck. At the recent SEDABuzz in Kent, Marcin was there with a full range of Humpter products. And whilst we were loading our vehicles at the end of the day he asked if I would like a pair of MH stands for a review.

Each pair of MH stands comes split into three bags. There are two bags for the base plates, each weighing 12kg (27lbs), making them very easy to move around. Meanwhile the main padded bag contains the six columns that make up the podium height, along with the securing bolts and top plates.

If you already own a Humpter booth, you will know that as much thought goes into the bags as the actual products. And this shouldn’t be overlooked. Pretty much any stand I’ve ever bought has needed the additional purchase of a bag or flight case. The more it suits your product, the more expensive it tends to be. But with Humpter, you get a complete, well-thought-out solution.

The bag is of very high quality, with feet on both the base and side. It has six pockets for the column units, a zipped pocket for the bolts, and two padded side pockets for the top plates. Everything has its own place, and this is all very Humpter.
A whole system of two stands weighs in at just 18kg (40lbs) and the whole lot fits in the footwell and back seat of my car!

As a typical DJ, I didn’t read the instructions, preferring to arrive at a wedding, open the kit and learn on the go. The base plates are light compared to most options on the market, but offer a solid, wide platform. There is a single screw bolt in the base, into which you place the bottom column unit and then attach the top column unit for the top plate to slide on. You can also raise the height of the lights further thanks to an included additional section. This results in two overall heights: 120cm (47.2”) or 180cm (70.9”).

The columns connect very quickly using robust-feeling butterfly locks, similar to the type you normally find on flight cases. This is a simple and extremely secure way of building each stand. The top plate has an adjustable securing weave belt with clips, ensuring your moving head stays on the stand, or a mounting bolt for your speaker mount. In terms of the finish, it replicates the Humpter booths and the stands are available in both black and white.

I know what you’re thinking: OK, so it’s a stand. But this is a Humpter product, so you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the MH stand has some additional features up its sleeve. The legs are extendable, with adjustable feet, allowing you to adapt to uneven floors and ensure extra stability – yet another example of the company’s approach to engineering a problem. Each corner of the base plate slides out by around 15cm (6”), which I think you need to do if you use the podiums at full height. Humpter recommends a maximum weight per podium of 25kg (55lbs), so they will cater for most moving heads and even speaker units. Furthermore, on the back of each column unit you’ll find ‘fast-lock’ cable tidy clips. These are single clips with two sides – one for power and the other for DMX.
Live at an event, the MH stands are super simple to put together. You don’t need any tools and, with just one screw bolt required in the base unit,
once you’re familiar with the setup it should take you literally a minute or two to put a stand together. The modular system means you could almost do this one handed.

The MH stands definitely offer a look that DJs are aiming for these days: simple, clean, and capable of delivering a high-impact look for the client. Meanwhile, for us DJs, the stands are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and transport. I used the MH stands with elumen8 850 heads; four alongside and two behind me. The two rear lights were at full height, whilst the others were at the standard height. I think the look would be perfect with the B3 booth, offering a unique and classy aesthetic that few DJs will have.

Overall, the Humpter MH stands are an awesome, unique style of product that suits both the corporate event and wedding market. There are cheaper ways to put moving heads on stands, but the Humpter range is distinctive and built to last, with ease-of-use and classy looks. Overall, it’s an investment in your show – if you play regularly, the overall effect of a great look will end up paying for itself.
The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 125, Pages 78-80.
Photo Booth Expo London
13 / 10 / 2024 - 14 / 10 / 2024


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