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REVIEWED: KAM KMPA600 Compact Tower PA System with Lighting
Not all the events we work as DJs require a massive PA system. We all need that more compact speaker that’s great for background music, small parties, and kids entertainment. Sometimes we just want a rapid audio solution that will create a great atmosphere. But what if that audio solution could also include lighting, in a single convenient system? Say hello to KAM’s new KMPA600!

The KAM KMPA600 is a 240W compact tower PA system with a built-in lightshow. Thanks to the lightshow, as well as features like Bluetooth, USB connection and in-built MP3 player, the system is totally self-sufficient, extremely easy to use, and ideal for parties, social events and small-to-medium sized gigs. When I saw the KMPA600, my mind immediately jumped to wedding ceremonies, speeches and children’s parties – and I’m sure many Pro Mobile readers will be thinking the same.

On unpacking the box, it was a pleasure to see that bags are included – they’re nearly always an unbudgeted-for additional cost when buying a PA system. You get two bags: one for the three sections that make up the tower, and one for the base unit.

The 40W cable-free satellite (click and connect) tower speaker evokes class thanks to its robust ABS construction and sleek steel-mesh grille. The four 2.5” tweeters in line-array format are designed to produce clear mid-to-hi frequencies, dispersed evenly over a wide area, from the front of the stage to the back of the venue – and I’ll let you know my thoughts in a moment. KAM also includes two tower spacers, for gaining height on the speaker module.

The 200W bass subwoofer is loaded with an 8" speaker, providing a deep response for both music and speech, and there are connection points for keyboard and guitar too. With its built-in carry handle, transportation is a breeze.

On the system’s rear you’ll find an MP3 player incorporating switchable Bluetooth, USB, and SD card facilities; an easy-to-read LED display; a Bluetooth connection button; and buttons for mode, play, repeat and track selection.

In terms of connectivity, you have plenty of options. Inputs include two mic/XLR (both with mic/line switches), two line by ¼ jack, a 3.5mm line in, and an MP3 switch. There are rotary controls for effects (1 and 2), levels (1, 2 and 3) and master, as well as a control to switch between speech and bass boost, depending on the application you are using.
You also get an XLR line out, for connection to a second column system, or the option to wirelessly connect two systems via Bluetooth. As expected, at the bottom there’s an IEC in for power and an on/off switch.

Getting the PA system up and running is a quick and easy process. After pressing the Bluetooth mode button, and a quick check of the settings on my iPad, I had music playing instantly. (You also have the option of a 3.5mm line input for using a cable from any device.)
I connected a JTS wired microphone and Line 6 wireless system, and both worked as expected. As with most small systems of this type, you ‘plug ‘n’ play’ your microphone – great for fast and easy vocal reinforcement. For more control of EQ settings, you’ll need to go in with a suitable mixer. I didn’t try the SD card or USB options, but I expect that with a list of tracks on the input device, you can then play, skip, stop and repeat (I’m sure there’s a t-shirt design in there somewhere!).

In ‘DJ’ mode, the bass boost will increase the sub to maximum, and with a KMPA600 system either side of you, I think the system could easily cover 60-80 guests on a dancefloor area. I should mention that you also have a remote control included, which can be used to control the music playback. I can just see myself doing musical statues and leading from the front!

In each of the tower spacer units is a single row of RGBA LEDs, which are also controlled on the rear of the panel with a button marked ‘1,2,3,4 Off’. By pressing this you can turn lighting off or on,
allow the lights to pulse with the beat of the music in multi-colour, or pulse in a single colour only. I tested the KMPA600 system both in the office (via Bluetooth) and in the ‘real world’ for the background music and speeches at a wedding for 80 people. In both scenarios, it coped very well. As noted, setup was quick and easy. The venue staff loved the system and, amongst other uses, thought it would be especially good for corporate meetings where sound is needed for things like PowerPoint presentations.

As well as wedding ceremonies and breakfasts, and smaller corporate events, the KMPA600 could also work well for ‘hard to reach’ events, such as playing a small event in the upstairs of a venue Probably its biggest market, though, will be for children’s parties. As a performer, for children’s parties you want to be in and out quickly, as you can sometimes have multiple events in a day. The Bluetooth feature would no doubt be very handy, as most children’s entertainers will use a tablet or phone to control the music.

In conclusion, the KAM KMPA600 is a great system at an extremely low price. It’s perfect for speeches and background music, or even for venues that need an option to connect laptops. I do see it being a huge hit with children’s entertainers, as well as for DJs working in smaller party settings.

Whether you’re a DJ or performer, the KMPA600 may just give you the connectivity and versatility you’ve been looking for in your PA.
The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 123, Pages 82-83.
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£5.00 (INC P&P)