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REVIEWED: Equinox PIXELpoint Batten
Lighting really has come a long way in the last few years. What was available in stores in 2020 is very different to what we have now. Most manufacturers seriously upped their games during Covid-19 and we have a huge number of new and exciting fixtures to choose from.

Something the pandemic also allowed many of us DJs to do was take time to sharpen up aspects of our business and improve what we do. We had a chance to review our business plans, perhaps set up a CRM (customer relationship management) system, or improve our email replies. Many also took advantage of the spare time to organise their music library or build new lightshows by taking the time to look at their setups, learn DMX and take their lighting to the next level.

Now, when writing a product review I’m normally fully prepared before it arrives and already have an idea of what I’m going to write and what my opinion is. Before I received the new PIXELpoint Batten from Equinox, I was expecting the latest in the ever-expanding range of batten lights type that stand on the floor as eye candy.

However, what arrived was not what I was expecting. I quickly realised this wouldn’t be comparable with any of the lights I already own. And as it’s a type of light I don’t normally use, this review proved a great opportunity to test something completely new.

Consider the name PIXELpoint Batten for a second. The word ‘point’ is important, as the beams are super sharp and pointy. Most of the battens I’ve used have been for washing the dance-floor with colour. But this light is very different, as I discovered almost by accident.

At the first event I took it to, I aimed the light above the dance floor at a 45-degree angle to show off the popping colour, whilst not blinding the party with the focused beams from its 40 3W tri-colour (RGB) LEDs (which feature a narrow 5-degree beam angle). As the sun went down, I noticed an incredible effect on the glass chandelier immediately above the dancers; the batten had turned a chandelier into a full-on lighting effect.

The 40 individually controllable LEDs, which can be controlled with DMX in 13 different channel modes (3- to 121-channel), produce long-throw beams for stunning mid-air effects. With that extremely narrow beam angle – yes, just 5 degrees and a 4kHz refresh rate – you are going to get sharp and vibrant lighting displays. Whilst this light will be perfect for use in multiples on large stage productions, I think there are plenty of clever ways that DJs can put them to good use.
The PIXELpoint Batten has PowerCON and 3-Pin DMX inputs/outputs and comes with a mounting bracket for hassle-free installation. The bracket is situated perfectly in the middle of the lighting fixture, a massive plus point in my opinion. They will sit perfectly on a bar or you could mount a pair on speaker poles. Operating in colour pulse they look very much like digital sound meters and using two or more would make the ideal front to any DJ booth.

Personally, I have changed my lightshow only recently with an emphasis on bold colour and less dotty effects. Inspiration and new ideas for revamped lighting shows comes from TikTok with TeeJay (Diary of a DJ) and Mandla (2four7dj) among others. Lighting is always changing and it’s easy to change things up on a regular basis, so if you’re still using fixtures from 10 years ago it’s probably time you had a rethink.
Of course, you owe it to your clients to have cool, sharp-looking colours for their events, but lighting can also be an interesting avenue to learn more about and it’s good to mix things up with your lightshows.

With their candy-colour effects, it’s fair to say the PIXELpoint Battens make an amazing addition to mine. And thanks to the 13 different channel modes for customisable visuals,
there can be no end to your creativity.
With pixel mapping, you can create stunning custom effects. With static colour, auto-modes, sound active and master/slave functions, you can link multiple fixtures and let them do their own thing, or choose to take control through DMX.

Whilst some DJs swear by the increased control offered by DMX, personally I sit on the fence. I do love an auto show when I want the simple life, but sometimes I just want to show off what’s possible!
A primary function of these lights – and why it would be a great idea to control them through DMX – is strobing. Just two of these would create the perfect effect, whilst multiple units could really bring a party to life when you get to the big drops.

The PIXELpoint Batten is a great light in the right situation. Don’t use it as a wash or even for dance floor projection, because it’s not that effect. What it does incredibly well is eye-candy colours, and when pointed at a disco ball or other architectural feature with a reflective surface, it’s absolutely stunning.

At the price point this is undoubtedly a light you’ll want as part of your main permanent show. If you don’t have something already and want a modern feel to your lightshow, this is it.
The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 121, Pages 82-83.


£5.00 (INC P&P)