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REVIEWED: Equinox Contour DJ Screen
I’d always liked the look of a rounded, contemporary-looking booth and was really pleased to see Equinox bring its Contour DJ Screen to the market. When I was asked to review one, I was keen to see if it would stand up to the rigours of the modern-day mobile DJ…

The entire Contour DJ Screen comes in a neat easy-to-carry bag with a couple of handles, and closed with a zip (the one part that always goes first on bags – hopefully these last a while). The bag is about the same size as a packed-up one-man tent, so it’s very easy to transport.

The system includes a lightweight aluminium frame that weighs a modest 3.4kg and measures 1220 x 1810 x 945mm (H x W x D). Equinox also provides you with two covers (more on these in a moment). The total weight, including the bag, is 4.9kg.

Assembly is fast and simple. Like all brand-new frames, when you first start using it you’ll find the fit very snug. Over time they might loosen a bit, but they fit nicely and once built, everything feels very well connected. All the joints are marked, so you can’t really go wrong during assembly.

Once the frame is up it’s literally a case of popping on one of the lycra covers. The screen comes with two reversable covers: one is black and white, the other is silver ‘mirror ball’ and chesterfield. There are various other cover styles available – my favourite happens to be the chesterfield, so it’s a bonus for me that it’s supplied as standard.

The acid test with any DJ product is using it at a gig. Of course, the Contour DJ Screen is a fascia and not an all-in-one booth; I used my own Equinox booth and the screen fitted perfectly. For my test, I set up on the lawn at an outdoor wedding. I received many admiring glances, as well as a few remarks about how classy it looked.

We’re all mobile DJs, so we all know about the potential for issues when the party is drawing to an end. We get that persistent person – let’s call her Karen, for argument’s sake – who insists on requesting the next song because “everyone will dance.”

Meanwhile, Karen is casually using your booth (or booth surround) as the perfect way to keep herself from falling to the floor in a heap. Luckily the Contour DJ Screen seems to be a very stable structure.

Admittedly, it did move slightly when pushed against, but this is something that pretty much all booths do anyway. There is a temptation for partygoers to assume it will take their weight and consequently lean over, so my advice is to simply be observant when people approach the booth.

One huge advantage is that the screen keeps all of your main equipment at a much safer distance, so there’s less reason to worry about Karen leaning over the front of your desk with a drink in her hand (horror of horrors).

There isn’t really much more to add. The Contour DJ Screen is very well priced and it does what you’d expect; it’s lightweight, easy to carry, and simple to put together and take apart. The screen also looks fantastic, offering a wide choice of covers, and it’s a little different to most other DJ setups people are used to seeing at parties and weddings.

Would I buy one? Yes, I would!
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 114, Pages 88-89.
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