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REVIEWED: Powerwerks Power Array 2
By Stephen Fitton.
The Powerwerks Power Array 2 is the latest portable vertical array system to enter the column speaker market. And with a massive 2000W of class D power (600 watts RMS) and a frequency response of 40-200hz, this is a system that packs a lot of punch for less than £600.

The system comes in three main parts: one 12” subwoofer and two 4” speakers. The subwoofer’s case is wooden, painted with a high-quality gloss finish, and measures 400 (H) x 350 (W) x 470mm (D) (15.7 x 13.7 x 18.5in). Thanks to the built-in handles and a total weight of just under 20kg, the Power Array 2 is very easy to carry – always welcomed by mobile DJs! It doesn’t come with a cover, so you’ll need to buy one protect it from damage.

The subwoofer offers a frequency response of 40-200Hz. It also acts as the control centre for the whole system and includes a mixer panel on the rear. In terms of connectivity, you have plenty of options: a main volume control, three independent audio inputs (including Bluetooth), four modes of EQ presets, and an XLR thru for easy expansion (either to pair with another Powerwerks Power Array 2 or with another system).

The curved array tops are equipped with two 4" speakers and two high-frequency compression drivers. On the rear of each is a lockable jack input to join the speakers together with a fly cable and a second port to bring sound from the sub via speakON to ¼” jack.

The array top dimensions are 240 (H) x 130 (W) x 120mm (D) (9.4in x 5.1in x 4.7in) weighing in at 3.6kg (8lb) each. These do come with a protective carry cover bag that takes the pole and top array assembly.

Putting the system together was simple and very quick, taking me less than five minutes. The first thing to do is attach the connecting pole to the subwoofer, which screws directly into the top of the cabinet. The two array speakers are screwed to a bracket that fits neatly to the top of the connecting pole. An Allen key is provided to ensure a tight fit.

Once built, the Powerwerks Power Array 2 stands at a minimum of 1660mm and will extend up to 2,070mm – perfect for getting the sound over the crowd and out to the back of a room. Furthermore, the rotating tops allow you to expand your coverage and direct the sound exactly where you want.
The addition of Bluetooth means that you can get music on in a flash while you continue setting up everything else. Pairing a device to the speaker is simple by pressing and holding the pair button on the sub and waiting for a fast blue flash that turns to a solid blue once connected.

This wireless connectivity makes the speaker highly versatile – it would be easy to set up and use for a wedding ceremony, for background music and speeches, or maybe even just placing in your garden on a summer day to super-sound your barbeque!

Another handy feature is ‘Link’ button, which allows for pairing with another Power Array 2 system. This is ideal for using less cables and no doubt proves to be a real timesaver. Enabling this function is simple: you simply press both 'Link’ buttons.

When I ran a full test with the Powerwerks Power Array 2, I found the sound from the sub to be impressively loud. For such a compact system it certainly delivers a lot. The top arrays give a clear and crisp sound, even when standing more than five metres away. And the sound can be tweaked using the four different DSP EQ settings: main, monitor, DJ and speech.
This is a simplified system compared to the Powerwerks 1 – reviewed in the last issue of Pro Mobile – and any further EQ adjustments will need to come from your source. After trying all four settings, I left the speaker in ‘main’, as I felt this had the best overall sound and delivered enough of the top end to ensure clarity right at the back of the room.

Overall, the Powerwerks Power Array 2 packs a massive punch for the price. It’s ideal for DJs and bands, and two paired together will easily take care of events up to 150 people, possibly more. At just under £600 per side, what’s not to love? A great system that’s fully adaptable – and with a second system the wow factor would certainly be worth the money.
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 114, Pages 86-87.
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