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REVIEWED: Equinox Graphix
If you read the news section in the last issue of Pro Mobile (113), you’ll have seen that Prolight has launched three brand-new lights under the Equinox brand: the Helix XP, the Hallucination and the Graphix. The latter is the subject of this review and, along with the Hallucination, is an exciting and very different effect that can help your lightshow standout from the crowd.

Sometimes it seems that DJ setups are looking more and more alike. It’s therefore become increasingly important to do what you can to differentiate yourself from your competitors, even if the equipment itself has an ‘industry standard’ look about it.

Of course, your DJ skills play a big part in helping you stand out as performer. But with these three new effects from Prolight, I’m confident your light show can stand out too. The Graphix and the Hallucination are very different, both from each other (whilst retaining some similarities) and from any other lights on the market.

The best way to describe the Graphix is ‘modern retro’. Relying on graphics instead of gobos, and producing pleasing pastel and neon-like colours, the light produces distinct effects unlike anything else I’ve seen on the market.

The light is encased in an all-metal construction with a very quiet onboard fan that keeps the LED nice and cool. A metal bracket comes included. Prolight also offers an optional plug-in control unit, the CA 8 controller.

Something worth serious consideration is pairing up the Graphix with the Hallucination. Yet again, the Hallucination is a very unusual effect with little to compare it to (and ‘hallucination’ is possibly the best word to describe its effect). The two effects can work well together, as the colour palette is the same and the projections contrast each other nicely.

But back to the Graphix. In terms of control, you have various options: sound-to-light mode, master/slave mode, DMX control (2-, 4- and 6-channel modes), dimming and variable strobe. You’ll find eight different automated shows along with show ‘0’ (a mix of all the shows combined). The automated shows make the Graphix super-easy to use, whilst sound-to-light mode moves the images with your music, as you’d expect.

All these effects are projected by a 100W warm-white LED (3200K) onto a multi-coloured mirror dish, producing vibrant green, yellow, blue and pink colours that create a Miami Vice or neon Stranger Things vibe. The colours are pin sharp and very bright. And with a small amount of haze or smoke the light takes on a whole new dimension. (Of course, not all venues allow haze and this is the kind of light that can live without it, but for the biggest impact, use it where you can!) The angle of the mirror confused me at first, as I couldn’t work out if it was projecting straight. But after testing I can guarantee that it does indeed project straight onto a dancefloor or wall perfectly – so don’t try changing its angles!

The lens can be screwed backwards and forwards to focus the supplied images, including roses, petal flowers, line wave, zigzags, circles, stars, a multi-pattern curved triangle, and something I would describe as a cobbled pattern. All are very different to gobos and very pleasing on the eye. I would consider using the light to project onto a flat surface, such as a wall or ceiling, for maximum impact. I placed the light about 3m away from a wall and even at such a close distance the wide 75-degree angle packed all the effects in.

It’s definitely worth spending time with the Graphix and getting to know all the auto show attributes, as these can be useful in different situations – for instance, some have no strobe or utilise a slower rotation speed. The auto shows are especially useful during the early part of an event – you could just project the effects onto a ceiling and have fun watching everyone staring up at the patterns!

The Equinox Graphix is a fantastic light at a great price point. If you can, get down to your local retailer and see it in action. While you’re there, why not check out the Helix XP and the Hallucination too? As I said, the Graphix and the Hallucination working in tandem is an especially powerful effect that I guarantee will look different to what everyone else is using.
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 114, Pages 84-85.
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