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REVIEWED: Ibiza Light Colour Magic Stick
The last few years have seen the emergence of colour light sticks. These eye-candy effects instantly provide colour, width and depth to your DJ set. Even just two or four (always in pairs!) can add atmosphere and make your setup look larger than it is, all with the bonus of being easy to control.

The Ibiza Light Magic Colour Stick is the latest iteration in this field and is also the most competitively priced on the current market, bringing this ‘wow’ effect into reach for more DJs. With multiple uses, it’s much more than just a light tube. Whether standing beside your DJ setup or acting as a colour mood effect in the corners of a room, the Magic Colour Stick works well. You could even place it inside trussing, using a scrim to create a large lighting effect with big impact.

The tube itself is incredibly small, with a diameter of just 17mm. The lights come in two different heights, either 1.8m or 1.5m tall, and there is an optional bag for four sticks at £47.50. For this review I was sent the 1.8m versions, which come in two colours, black or white, both with an opaque front. This opaque front creates more of a colour wash effect compared to most competitors on the market, many of which use clear plastic that exposes the LED lights.

Weighing in at just 2.6kg each, these lights are extremely lightweight and therefore extremely versatile. The units are designed to be floor-standing on their own tripods (also supplied) which fold for easy transportation. As a free-standing light they’re perfect for placing in the corners of a room.

The Magic Colour Stick features seven colours and an impressive output of 18W. There are several operating modes with adjustable brightness, speed and music sensitivity, all of which can be controlled using either the supplied control or the dedicated app.

The remote is simple enough to use. As an infrared unit, you need to point the remote at each receiver located along the power cable length. The remote has plenty of functionality, including brightness adjustment, colour selection, auto, pause, 10 modes, 4 music modes, timer, on/off, speed adjustment, mode switching, music mode switching, and sound sensitivity adjustment.

But whilst the remote is certainly useful, I say use the app! It’s a game changer.
Have you ever struggled setting up lights with DMX or Bluetooth? Well, this is incredibly easy in comparison. I stood the lights approximately 3m apart, downloaded the app, selected ‘Dazzle RGB’ and then clicked on ‘LED DMX 00-XXXX’. My app flashed up to say ‘scanning’. Then all the units were connected.

For this review I was sent five units (four black and one white). All five connected without an issue and I was instantly able to switch them to any static colour from the colour wheel chart. With full RGB mixing I could create any shade, as well as changing the brightness independently.

At the bottom of the app you have four options: RGB, Mode, Custom, and Music. ‘Mode’ has a staggering 210 pre-programmed options to choose from and the app allows you to manually adjust the speed and brightness for each. The app also give you simultaneous control of all four lights, allowing you to sync them for coordinated effects. This is particularly handy if you want all the light sequences to match across all the Magic Colour Sticks, whereas the remote will just control one unit at a time.

You can easily add more units. Alternatively, you can create groups and map the Magic Colour Sticks to either single-unit groups or pairs.

The ‘Music’ option allows you to select from 255 modes and each mode can be adjusted for sensitivity and brightness. With Bluetooth connectivity there’s no need to understand the DMX universe or the need to program the lights.

For the cost, the Ibiza Light Magic Colour Stick brings a huge amount of value to any set. I recommend using them effectively as a wash at the start of an event, then running them in auto mode to create atmosphere, and then changing to sound-to-light to synchronise with your music.

With easy-to-control features, a huge range of programs and a highly effective app, these lights will make your set look so much bigger and add impressive effects at a very low price.
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The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 114, Pages 82-83.
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£25.00 (INC P&P)