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In my role as Head of Music for Mastermix, I’m constantly exploring new music ranges to share with our members, and amongst the most popular have been remixes of classic tracks.

We’ve added global producers to our line-up including Jet Boot Jack, Paul Dakeyne, Pete Le Freq and Dr Packer, who have all created innovative versions of mainstream floor-fillers that have been a huge hit with DJs around the world. Their remixes always lift the track, giving it more energy and allowing DJs to create more exciting sets for their audiences.

The introduction of our ‘Crates’ range has proven an instant hit and introduced DJs to different music styles and genres including nu disco, funky house and mainstage, with the latter offering slightly harder, edgier versions of tracks for when you’re ready to raise energy levels on the dancefloor. I wanted to add some more digital albums to this range, so set about researching music to include. I was looking for remixes that had heavier basslines without being too hard – something like a deep house vibe but with a grittier sound – and I found them!
Unique versions of tracks including ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘Seven Nation Army’, ‘We Found Love’ and ‘Insomnia’ allow DJs to transition between musical styles to build the energy in their sets. It’s down to the skills of each DJ to decide when to play these types of tracks, but with some careful music programming they work an absolute treat.

In the 90s I was working as a full-time DJ and the indie scene was at its peak. Bands like Blur and Oasis were releasing great rock tracks but they didn’t always fit into a mainstream pop/ dance set, so I would add a selection of remixes to my music armoury that allowed me to play dance versions of their tracks as well as the original version later in the evening. That trend continued to grow and to this day we have numerous versions of classic tracks that we can play to our audiences within the desired sets.

Sometimes you need to play something in your DJ sets that rattles the speakers and jogs the liver. I’ve really enjoyed researching these tracks and can’t wait to add them into my own DJ sets. As a new year begins, it’s an opportunity to evaluate our music library and add some new collections that are exciting for both our audiences and ourselves.

The careful use of remixes and alternate versions can make all the difference to your sets.And if your audience are coming along for the ride, then you can drop some mainstage anthems and turn the bass right up!

Check out Crates 017 and 018 for more music inspiration and Crate 060 – Bass Bangers for a selection of tracks mentioned in this article.

1// ‘Levels (Skrillex Remix)' – Avicii
2// 'Mi Gente (Hugel Remix)' – J Balvin
3// ‘I Got 5 On It’ – Marc Benjamin
4// ‘Diamonds’ – Braaheim
5// ‘Take You Dancing (R3hab Remix)’ – Jason Derulo
6// ‘Seven Nation Army’ – FifthGuys
7// ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ – Billy Gillies, Madison Avenue
8// ‘Titanium (David Guetta & Morten Future Rave Remix)’ – David Guetta feat. Sia
9// ‘Insomnia’ – Marc Kiss
10// ‘Mr Saxobeat’ – Klass
11// 'Sweet Dreams’ – Klaas
12// ‘Whistle’ – Laidback Luke
13// ‘Boom. Boom, Boom, Boom’ – Lizot
14// ‘Girls Wanna Have Fun (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike)’ – Mattn
15// ‘Like That’ – Mike Candys
16// ‘Superstar (V.I.P. Remix)’ – David Puentez
17// ‘We Found Love’ – Robbe
18// ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer’ – Snap! Vs. CJ Stone
19// ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)’ – Syzz
20// 'Toms Diner’ - Whocares
The full review can be found in Pro Mobile Issue 123, Pages 70-71.
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