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By and Jack Quenby, Peter Holding.
Jack Quenby owns Jackstar Weddings – a successful multi-op DJ, photobooth and event decoration business based in Leicestershire, which he runs with his wife Louise. Jack is also a regular contributor to Pro Mobile Magazine and runs the popular Positive Wedding Profits Facebook page. In 2022, he took part in the BBC reality TV programme, Ultimate Wedding Planner.
Pro Mobile’s editor, Peter Holding, caught up with Jack to discuss his TV experience.

Q. How did your appearance on a primetime BBC reality show come about?

It started when we were watching The Apprentice. Louise and I are big fans and have been watching for years but we always end up shouting at the screen – what the hell are they doing! Every week Lord Sugar appears at the end of the show inviting applications for the next season and, a bit tongue in cheek, I’d always say I would apply. Eventually, Louise dared me!

So I did, not really expecting anything to happen. Of course, I ended up being invited to an interview day.
I travelled to London, unsure of what to expect. There were hundreds of people in the queue. The weather was terrible. It was crazy.

Eventually, I got to the desk, where I received a load of forms to fill in. Then we all waited to go through as part of a group interview process. Anyway, the conclusion was that I wasn’t going through to the next round – no surprises there. But it was a cool experience, getting a glimpse of how things work in the TV industry.

A few months later and a random Facebook group published a post asking: have you got what it takes to plan an amazing wedding? The BBC were making a new show for people in weddings, so naturally I decided to give it a go.

It was July 2022 and we were in Lanzarote on holiday when I got an email from the BBC asking if I was available for a Zoom interview. So, I did the interview on the balcony of our apartment! They went through some basic questions, including the background of the business, my level of experience planning weddings, and the unique skills that I could bring to the table as a wedding DJ.

After a couple of weeks, I had an email letting me know that I would be kept informed of my application progress, but they also gave me dates to keep free for filming purposes.

Then, with less than two weeks before the first filming date and with me assuming I wouldn’t be on the show, I got the phone call telling me they wanted me to take part! It all felt very last minute – our business is part of hundreds of weddings every year with everything planned well in advance and this would throw everything up in the air – but we managed to pull things together and off I went.

Q. What made you decide to take part once you’d had the offer?

Initially I was really just interested in the whole experience of taking part in a TV show. I wanted to see...

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