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5) Website


1) Did you complete the 2016 Pro Mobile Survey?

2) Age

3) Gender

4) Where do you live?


1) Are you a Pro Mobile subscriber? (Including NADJ and SEDA)

2) Are you planning to renew your subscription when it expires?

2) Which of the following best describes you as a Pro Mobile reader?

3) How do you usually read Pro Mobile?

4) Overall how would you rate Pro Mobile?

5) How many people read your copy of Pro Mobile (including yourself) ?

6) In general how would you rate the various sections of Pro Mobile?

Don't Read
Inbox (Reader's Letters)
Business Related Articles
Performance Related Articles
Technology Related Articles
Lighting Equipment Reviews
Sound Equipment Reviews
Effects / Accessories Reviews
Pro Mobile: Must Have
Association News

7) Have you got any suggestions on how we could improve Pro Mobile or ideas for new features?


1) How many years have you been a DJ?

2) Are you a Full Time or Part Time DJ?

3) How many gigs per year does your DJ business book?

4) Which of the following best describes your DJ work?

5) What is the annual turnover of your DJ business?
(How much money comes in each year)

6) How many gigs per year do you personally perform at?

7) What is the average fee for a Friday or Saturday evening function that you personally perform at?

8) What is the average fee for a midweek function that you personally perform at?

9) Do you specialise in a particular type of function?

10) Do you have a website for you DJ business?

11) What music format do you predominantly use when DJing?

12) On average how much do you spend on DJ equipment each year?

13) Where do you usually purchase equipment?

14) On average how much do you spend on music each year?

15) What type of vehicle do you use to get to mobile DJ bookings?

16) Are you a member of any of the following associations?

17) Have you attended and/or do you intend to attend any of the following DJ exhibitions, events or training sessions?

Have attended
Plan to attend in future
Pro Mobile Conference
Pro Mobile Learning Workshops
Derek Pengelly Workshops
Marbecca Workshops
SEDA Shownight
NADJ Meetings & Events
AMPdj Meetings
Other (Please Specify)

18) Do you read and contribute regularly to one or more internet forums or Facebook groups?

Please specify which forums: