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Is There A Future For Wedding Entertainers? (DVD-10) By Peter Merry With the advent of the iPod and Do-It-Yourself Genius mixes on iTunes, some have begun to suggest that wedding DJs may be heading towards imminent extinction. Add in a tough economy and the viability of choosing ones career as a Wedding DJ has been called into question now more than ever.

In this DVD, Peter Merry will tackle these issues head-on while laying out clear-cut strategies for not only surviving these current challenges, but effectively rising above them. He will discuss why now more than ever your ability to entertain at a wedding will truly set you apart by mixing structure with creativity to achieve outrageous demand. And he will prognosticate about the trends and changes in client expectations that may soon come knocking on the front door of your Wedding DJ business. Will you be ready?

This DVD also includes a Bonus CD-Rom with a printable PDF fill-in-the-blanks handout. This has been included to improve your retention of the content. You will also find an MP3 version of the content that you can load onto your smart phone, iPad and/or computer.
£36.00 INC P&P
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