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Queen Drummer To Release Album
Legendary Queen rocker Roger Taylor has announced the release of his forthcoming album ‘Fun On Earth’. The record will be out on the 11th of November through Virgin EMI.

Released on the same day is ‘The Lot’, a complete collection of Taylor’s solo back catalogue and his time with Queen side-project ‘The Cross’, who released three albums between 1987 and 1993. ‘Stunning’ limited edition and digital formats will also be available to fans. ‘The Lot’ will include Roger’s solo albums, ‘Fun In Space’ (1981), ‘Strange Frontier’ (1984), ‘Happiness?’ (1994), ‘Electric Fire’ (1998) and new album ‘Fun On Earth’ as well as The Cross albums ‘Shove It’, ‘Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know’ and ‘Blue Rock’.

Taylor’s new album ‘Fun On Earth’ is his 13th album release and comes after he seemingly became fed up with the current music industry, saying in 2012, “What happened to the protest song? Music is now so polished, shiny and predictable, we have forgotten to try and say something with it. I am getting old and like everyone, have the right to say something about the "state of control" we live under - powerless to do anything about it." Taylor may yet make the impact he is hoping for as Radio 2’s Chris Evans played lead single ‘Sunny Day’ twice in a row he enjoyed it that much.

‘Fun On Earth’ full track listing:

1. One Night Stand!

2. Fight Club

3. Be With You

4. Quality Street

5. I Don't Care

6. Sunny Day

7. Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark)

8. I Am The Drummer (In A Rock 'n' Roll Band)

9. Small

10. Say It's Not True

11. The Unblinking Eye

12. Up

13. Smile

Published: 21 October 2013