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Join the FREQ Show!
ADJ have launched a new ‘freaky’ effect for mobile entertainers and lighting designers. The company’s revolutionary new FREQ Matrix combines a traditional white LED strobe/blinder with a cutting-edge 16-zone matrix chase effect in one versatile fixture that will add plenty of visual excitement to any special effects light show.

The FREQ Matrix’s variable-speed strobe pulsates at breath-taking speeds of up to 1,200 flashes per minute, while its chase effect sends bright white light dancing in dazzling patterns to the beat of the music. The combination of flashing beams, chasing movement and audience blinder effects produces an ultra-high-energy light show that will mesmerise the crowd and add dramatic illumination to any installation or mobile DJ performance.

Utilising 16 bright white LEDs arranged in four rows of four, the FREQ Matrix is a cool-running, energy-efficient, low-maintenance fixture that can stay on all night without duty cycles. Despite its brilliant output and dynamic chase movement, the unit draws only 107 watts of power, and its long-life 5-watt LEDs will run for 30,000 hours under normal use.

“Matrix chase effects are all the rage these days among lighting designers who want their light shows to stand out from the pack,” said Dirk Kast, General Manager for American DJ Europe. “By embracing this hot new trend and combining it with a traditional LED strobe/blinder in the new FREQ Matrix, ADJ has created a convenient 2-in-1 fixture that will boost the ‘freakout factor’ of your lighting presentation to mind-blowing proportions. It also works great as a DJ booth backdrop or as house lights. Plus, it provides users with all the great benefits of LED technology.”

The FREQ Matrix operates in three modes: DMX, Master/Slave and Sound Active. Featuring an array of programming options, it offers 1, 2, 16 or 18 channel DMX operation. A 4-button LED display located on the rear panel allows quick access to the DMX settings. Strobe speed and dimming from 0–100% can be controlled via two potentiometer knobs located on the rear panel or by using a standard DMX-512 controller. As another convenient control option, the FREQ Matrix is also compatible with ADJ’s UC3 Series of easy-to-use handheld controllers (sold separately).

Set the FREQ Matrix in Sound Active mode and watch it run through professional-quality built-in matrix programs that move in sync with the music. Multiple fixtures can be linked in a Master/Slave configuration to display great-looking lighting designs over large areas. Each FREQ Matrix is also equipped with an IEC AC In/Out socket on the rear, so installers and mobile performers can daisy-chain up to six units at 230V.

Easy to transport, the FREQ Matrix measures 295 x 291 x 115mm and weighs only 3.6kgs. The FREQ Matrix comes with a hanging bracket and a safety hook on the rear panel and features multi-voltage operation: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz.

Published: 12 June 2013


£5.00 (INC P&P)