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Pioneer’s XDJ-AERO Available In White
Pioneer’s XDJ-AERO, the Wi-Fi enabled all-in-one DJ system and native rekordbox player, now comes in two stylish colours: new cool pearl white (XDJ-AERO-W) or classic black (XDJ-AERO).

Launched in 2012, the XDJ-AERO allows DJs to load music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.1 An all-in-one DJ system, the XDJ-AERO-W works with rekordbox, Pioneer’s DJ music management software, and the rekordbox app (downloadable from the App Store), functions as a standalone mixer, and can be used as a MIDI and HID controller.

The XDJ-AERO-W creates its own private Wi-Fi network, allowing DJs to connect to up to four wireless devices at once. The audience can even get involved by sending tracks from their own smartphones or tablets to the XDJ-AERO for a more interactive experience using rekordbox. Rekordbox also allows DJs to create and edit playlists on the fly, view beat grids, analyse BPM, and load wave forms during their sets.

DJs can switch between the XDJ-AERO-W’s mobile and USB inputs at the touch of a button. And the DJ system boasts all their favourite features, including Sound Colour Filters and rekordbox quantized beat sync. DJs can trigger four pre-loaded samples or choose to upload their own. The unit also functions as a 24-bit audio interface, MIDI controller for Traktor and HID controller for Virtual DJ software. And it can be used as a standalone mixer when connected to CDJs and turntables.

The XDJ-AERO series has the look and feel of a pro-DJ product with its pearl white or classic black finish, and a sleek aluminium faceplate. And, at just 65 mm thick, the portable, lightweight XDJ-AERO-W is the world’s thinnest combined player and mixer.

The XDJ-AERO-W will be available from February 2013 at an SRP of £869.

Published: 03 February 2013