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Extra Bright Martin MAC
The new MAC 2000 Wash XB™ from Martin is a 1500W Fresnel that takes the proven qualities of the MAC 2000 Wash and adds even greater brightness. The XB is a lighting unit suitable for the very biggest of mobile operations working in the biggest of venues. New efficient fans, ballast and starter combine with proven MAC 2000 modularity, optics and effects to produce the most advanced wash light on the market - and all in the same compact MAC 2000 design. The XB will see its official launch at the Pro Light + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt from March 12-15.

A 1500 watt Osram lamp enables an extremely bright output of over 60,000 lumens, depending on the lens option used. That’s 40% brighter than a MAC 2000 Wash. The new electronic ballast offers hot-lamp re-strike and the advantage of flicker-free light, and new powerful fans ensure that the extra heat generated by the lamp is removed efficiently.

The MAC 2000 Wash XB keeps the same optical train, effects and form as the MAC 2000 Wash and therefore offers other advantages in addition to extreme brightness: compactness and reliability. It also fits nicely into the existing MAC 2000 Wash flight case. If users require the XB to match the power output of existing 1200W fixtures, a reduced 1200W mode can be employed, saving energy and increasing lamp life.

The XB’s two four-position (plus open) colour wheels are interchangeable, allowing designers to complement perfectly the fixture’s CMY colour mixing system. A motorised zoom works with four easy-to-swap lens options. PC, Fresnel and multi-array lenses come supplied with a micro-Fresnel lens for an even tighter beam available as an accessory.

Variable and smooth dimming and strobe effects are provided from the combined dimmer/shutter. Mechanical dimming is from 0 to 100%, and the shutter offers rapid strobe effects up to 10 Hz, with instant open and blackout. In addition to mechanical dimming, an optional dimming wheel can replace one of the colour wheels.

Martin also provides an easy-to-install upgrade kit to bring existing MAC 2000 Wash fixtures up to the XB level of performance – for a comparatively small investment. The upgrade kit includes a new 1500W lamp and lamp socket module, 1500W ballast, starter, heat filter, colour mixing flags, base cover plates and new fans for more efficient cooling. Martin also offers a buy-back program in which users can return the 1200W electronic ballast from their current MAC 2000 Wash fixtures.

Published: 10 March 2008