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Pro Mobile Conference Keynote Speakers Announced
For the first time in 2013, the UK’s only mobile DJ magazine - Pro Mobile - will be hosting an exclusive conference. The event will take place on the 17th and 18th of March in Oxfordshire and offer a unique opportunity for mobile DJs to meet, learn and progress.

The educational content at the Conference will offer a unique mixture of inspiration, information and practical demonstration. While many other industry figures and experts will give input to the panel and clinic sessions, the main educational sessions will be presented by our four keynote speakers:

The Perfect HostJim Cerone

This inspiring keynote seminar will outline a change in mind-set that, if adopted, could completely revolutionise your performances and mobile DJ business.

A successful and well-respected DJ and educator in the USA, Jim Cerone will be speaking in the UK for the first time at the conference. In this lead keynote session Jim will go in to detail discussing the 10 essential ingredients for becoming ‘The Perfect Host’. Following on from the keynote seminar Jim will host two separate (identical) interactive workshop sessions teaching 10 ways to be much more effective in front of a live audience. This will allow smaller groups of delegates to train with Jim and put some of his ideas and principles into practice

Insights from ImprovisationAlex MacLaren

This session is about learning and applying techniques from outside of the traditional mobile DJ skill-set for above average results.

The ‘out of industry’ speaker for the conference, Alex MacLaren, is a professional actor, improviser and trainer. In this entertaining and engaging presentation Alex will share the principles and procedures used by stage improvisers such as those in ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ and show how they can be applied by mobile DJs, both at events and in running their businesses. Later in the afternoon Alex will then host two interactive workshops in which he will take delegates through exercises in pairs, threes and small groups to demonstrate the principles of improvisation and their applications

Business Planning for DJsDavid Reed

This is the vital step to help you organise all of your ideas and give you a practical plan that will help you make more money.

After the exposure you will get to the presenters and fellow delegates at the conference, you will have loads of new ideas and a renewed vision for your DJ business. Before you lose any of your excitement and good intentions to put these things into practice, this interactive seminar will give you a simple and practical way of integrating all this new information into your business. You will get the framework to create a Business Plan that works for you, your customers and your business.

Stage Work & Performance ArtMark Walsh

This interactive presentation is all about working on your business’s biggest performance asset, YOU.

Popular mobile DJ trainer Mark Walsh will be drilling in to the art of performance, taking a look at what makes a great performer and how you can learn to be one too. A good consummate performance will win any audience over and is the fast track to gaining an audiences’ respect and ultimately increased bookings. Make yourself in to a consummate professional and stand out from the crowd.

Delegate places for the conference are limited and available to book now from the conference website. A discount is available for bookings placed before the end of the 31st of December 2012.

Published: 26 December 2012


£5.00 (INC P&P)