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Prolight Announce New Universal LED Controller
The new Transcension LED Master 64 controller from Prolight Concepts can control eight groups of fixtures all with completely different DMX channel lists allowing synchronised colour control of different manufacturer's lighting units.

Ideal for up-lighting and other colour washing applications, the LED Master 64’s ability to assign/patch the control channels of different types of fixture is one of its most powerful features. When the channel assignment has been completed the controller will synchronise the colours of all the fixtures, regardless of type or manufacturer.

The LED Master 64 includes eight individual buttons for selecting eight groups of lighting fixtures, the ability to store up to eight chase patterns - each with up to thirty-two steps - and an LED display for easy navigation. The controller also features eight colour pre-sets and six user definable colour buttons as well as dedicated blackout and strobe buttons. Four operational modes are available at the touch of a button: Auto Chase, Sound Chase, Auto Fade and Manual Control; making this the perfect control option for subtle mood lighting as well as full-on dance-floor enhancement.

Other key features include auto re-start of programming if the power is interrupted and the ability to save and re-load any channel assignment data using a USB memory stick. The unit also features a Controller Lock function to prevent any unwanted changes to the saved data and is even supplied as standard with an LED gooseneck lamp.

The Transcension LED Master 64 will be available in January priced at approximately £149.

Published: 29 December 2012