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Mixvibes Releases CrossDJ 2.0
MixVibes has announced the latest update to its CrossDJ software. Jam-packed with innovative features, a modular user interface, a brand new sampler and stunning effects, CrossDJ 2.0 has been specially developed to help DJs of all levels realise maximum creative potential.

CrossDJ 2.0 opens new doors to creativity with the addition of two 8-pad sampler decks. A fundamental component of modern composition and performance, this new feature enables hot samples or favourite sampled beats to be incorporated in a live mix. Due to the fact all DJs are used to making transitions between the left and right deck, MixVibes’ new LINK concept couples each sampler to its respective player. Don’t worry about mis-launching samples because CrossDJ’s LINK makes sure all events will be following the related deck.

The new quantize facility means all hot cues, loops or samples will be spot on, even if played slightly before or after the beat. The quantize function can be applied to either a player or a sampler. When activated, rhythmic errors disappear and the audio mix will flow seamlessly.

The update also offers a powerful control of CrossDJ 2.0’s 14 audio FX, thanks to 2 new FX units with FX assignation and the ability to change the depth of an effect as well as the amount applied. A new bipolar filter is included, which can be directly accessed via a separate mixer control.

Eric Guez C.E.O. of MixVibes commented, “At MixVibes, we are in constant contact with producers and artists and have a perfect understanding of the ever-evolving needs of Digital DJs. With CrossDJ 2.0 we want to offer DJs the possibility to take advantage of the creative time that the sync and beat match features offer. Digital DJs can now further explore and focus on performance using samples, loops and effects.”

Cross (CrossDJ with timecode vinyl record and CD support) receives the same 2.0 feature set.

CrossDJ is available priced at £29, with the Cross (vinyl and CD timecoded record support) priced at £79. Cross and CrossDJ 2.0 are free upgrades for current customers

Published: 24 August 2012