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Julio Iglesias Releases New Album
Julio Iglesias’ career has spanned four decades, his romantic image and magnetic stage presence has made him one of the most popular singers of all time. He has sold over 300 million records worldwide in 14 languages and Sony Music Entertainment named him as one of the top 15 bestselling music artists in history. Julio has now chosen a selection of these songs to re-record and release on his new album ‘1’.

32 songs have been chosen for the new album, which is quite a small number considering the ageing crooner has released 77 albums. The singer rose to international notoriety in the 70s and 80s with hits such as 'Begin The Beguine (Volver A Empazar)’ and ‘Yours’ which reached number 1 and number 3 respectively in the UK. His new album, ‘1’ is released in the UK on the 20th of August and has already gone multi-platinum in all the countries where it has been released: Spain, Brazil and other Spanish speaking countries.

Julio, who is the father of singer Enrique Iglesias, has been working on the new album for three years and spoke warmly of the new release, “This album is mainly dedicated to all the anonymous people who have been following me for 44 years, with generosity and affection, and who have allowed me to keep singing up until today. They'll always be the great driving force of my career.”

Published: 21 July 2012