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Q&A With Dave McDonald (FoH for Adele)
Do you hold a hidden passion for live sound engineering? Or just want to get some tips on live sound? Allen & Heath will be hosting an interactive webinar with veteran sound engineer Dave McDonald on the 7th June at 4pm.

Allen & Heath will be giving attendees an opportunity to put their questions to a man who has mixed one of the biggest voices in the business. Dave, whose recent work with Adele follows successful tours with AIR, Florence & The Machine, Sigur Ros, Portishead and more, will be answering questions about mixing, Allen & Heath's flagship iLive system and everyday life in the industry.

Hosts Allen & Heath have been building mixers for over 40 years, originally hand building consoles for elite bands like Pink Floyd and The Who in the early 70s. Nowadays the brand's products can be found everywhere from from nightclubs to houses of worship, including many top of the range mobile DJ roadshows. The highly qualified experts from Allen & Heath will also be on hand during the webinar to discuss technical questions.

Space is limited! So please sign up HERE ASAP for your place on the webinar.

Published: 04 June 2012