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Versatile Multi-Beam Gobo Projector From ADJ
American DJ has unveiled the Gobo Motion LED, a Tri-Colour LED powered lighting unit that is both a multi-gobo fixture and solid colour beam effect housed in one compact unit.

The Gobo Motion LED is equipped with 6 replaceable, removable gobo patterns. You can run it with its gobos to create exciting quick-moving 'scanning' type effects across walls, ceilings and dance floors. Or, for an entirely different look, you can remove the gobos and use it to project 6 solid coloured beams of light. This 2-in-1 fixture gives DJs and mobile performers the flexibility to create diverse effects in their light show without having to buy or transport multiple units.

The Gobo Motion LED contains high-action beams that come from six 3-watt Tri-Colour RGB LEDs (red, green and blue in one lamp source) that can create a variety of colour effects. It also includes a colour strobe effect, 0-100% dimming, and exciting built-in programs.

“DJs, working bands and small clubs are demanding more flexibility and versatility from their lighting effects today. The Gobo Motion LED really hits that nail right on the head,” said Dirk Kast, General Manager for American DJ Europe. “Every mobile entertainer needs a creative change-of-pace gobo effect and a solid colour beam effect in their lighting toolchest, and now they can buy one unit that gives them both – along with some other fantastic effects like high-speed chasing, a strobe and a dimmer. Another very handy thing about the Gobo Motion LED is that you can replace its gobos with your own custom patterns, so you can use it to project everything from a company logo at corporate functions, to a bride and groom’s names at weddings.”

The unit’s gobos are 20.5mm in diameter and have a 12mm viewable area. They can be easily removed and replaced with custom gobos to personalise a wedding, corporate dinner or other event. The Gobo Motion LED features a beam angle of 8.5° for a single beam and 75° across all of the beams.

Users can operate the Gobo Motion LED in three different modes: DMX-512 (1, 3 or 18 channels), Sound Active and Master/Slave. When in Sound Active and Master/Slave modes, it will run to its own internal programs, allowing even the most inexperienced lighting users to produce a stunning, professional-calibre light show. A 4-button Menu System with LED display on the rear makes it easy to navigate through settings. For another convenient control option, the Gobo Motion LED is compatible with American DJ’s UC3 controller (sold separately), which can be used to turn the unit On/Off and scroll through its programs. Up to nine Gobo Motion LED units can be power linked together via the fixture’s IEC connectors.

The Gobo Motion LED includes a convenient hanging bracket and safety hook, designed for easy portability, it measures 428 x 211 x 143mm and weighs 3.6 kg.

Published: 22 May 2012


£5.00 (INC P&P)