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American DJ Introduces 2 RGB LED Par Cans
American DJ has announced the release of the Mega Par Profile System and Jelly Par Profile System. These new products include everything mobile performers need to create a cutting-edge LED light show, set it up quickly, and transport it safely from gig to gig – in one package.

Each of these all-in-one systems contains: 4 x high-output RGB LED par cans; a foot controller; tripod lighting stand; stand bag; and soft case for the lights. Plus, with the Mega Par Profile System and Jelly Par Profile System you’ll be able to create professional RGB colour washes that will enhance the appearance of your performance, regardless of your level of experience with LED lighting. Each of the par cans is equipped with 109 x 10mm ½-watt LEDs -- 26 red, 46 green and 37 blue. This works out to a total of 436 LEDs in each system, providing extremely bright washes, rich vibrant colours and ultra-smooth RGB mixing. The par cans in both systems feature ADJ’s popular new low-profile flat case design.

The difference between the two systems is that the fixtures in the Mega Par Profile System are housed in a sleek black case, while those in the Jelly Par Profile System feature ADJ’s exclusive translucent plastic “Jelly” case. The LED lamps in the Jelly fixtures shine through their clear shells, presenting a glowing aura, with the cases actually appearing to “change colours” so that they become part of the light show themselves.

Both systems can be operated either manually with the included foot controller or via a standard DMX-512 controller. The versatile systems each offer 6 different operational modes: Static Colour, Manual Dimmer Colour, Built-In Programs, Auto Run, Sound Active, and DMX512 (3 different channel modes). With all the easy-to-use manual options, even DJs and performers with a limited knowledge of DMX will be able to create LED wash effects like pros with the Mega Par Profile System and Jelly Par Profile System. The two systems are also compatible with American DJ’s RFC remote controller (sold separately) for convenient wireless operation.

Eleven built-in programs are included in each system. Additionally, both the Mega Par Profile System and Jelly Par Profile System feature a colour strobe effect, 0-100% electronic dimming, and fast or slow colour change operation.

“The Mega Par Profile System and Jelly Par Profile System represent one of the great values in LED lighting today for mobile performers,” said Dirk Kast, General Manager for American DJ Europe. “Both systems include everything needed to put on a professional-looking RGB LED stage light show at a very affordable price -- much less than you’d spend if you bought the components separately. Plus, you have the convenience of getting everything together in one package. You get a tripod stand that’s very easy to set up. You even get gig bags for transporting and protecting the lights and stand, making this a very portable system for use on the go.”

Entertainers will also appreciate the low maintenance requirements, cool operation and energy efficiency of the Mega Par Profile System and Jelly Par Profile System. Their LEDs have an extremely long life of 50,000 hours, virtually eliminating lamp replacement. And because LEDs generate very little heat, performers will stay more comfortable than they would with conventional stage lighting. The Mega Par Profile System and Jelly Par Profile System also use much less energy than conventional stage pars; they draw just 50 watts of electricity maximum for the entire system!

Published: 10 May 2012
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£5.00 (INC P&P)